US Mobile introduces new Unlimited data plans

US Mobile just introduced a 'real' (?) unlimited data plan. $40 for a single user, $30/line for 2 lines, $25/line for 3 lines. No additional taxes or fees.
Not capped, unthrottled. (But likely deprioritized.)
The post says they're including a range of device eligibility (But I didn't investigate whether that means tablets, dedicated hotspot devices, etc.)
A big chunk of international data is included.
I haven't poked around to see if there are hotspot limitations.

US Mobile has also launched their own subReddit at r/USMobile, so it sounds like they plan to have a company presence there.

For the right people in the right circumstance, this would seem to be pretty serious competition to Visible.

Looks pretty good if you have 3 lines.

Hotspot is extra 20gb for $10 per line though

Tmobile lines are deprioritized after 50gb.

Visible still better for hotspot users and 1-2 lines.

Well, this is interesting!