Urgently need internet for a month – please suggest!

My home internet is gone so I need internet for (at least) one month. Please suggest good options, and also need answers to questions below. My usage is about 25-30 GB a month. Thank you much!

  1. Hellomobile’s $25 unlimited high speed data plan – is it really unlimited?

  2. Hellomobile’s $25 unlimited plan – does it include tethering/hot spot? (I have never had success with pdaNet, so I need it to include tethering natively).

  3. Is Hellomobile on Sprint? Sprint is good because I won’t have to wait for a sim card to be shipped.

  4. If Hellomobile isn’t Sprint, I am looking at Tello’s $39 for 25GB plan. Any cheaper alternatives that include tethering? (and ideally on Sprint so I can start immediately).


Look up www.prepaidcompare.net you will find any sprint MVNO plans that you are looking for

any unlimited plan should work so long as you have tethering

tmobile hotspot free with 30 days or 30 gb. Maybe you can pick up one of these at a store near you.. If tmobile is still offering a free hotspot this just might work for 30gb or 30 days whichever comes first. The ad is still up on the internet. Best of luck .

This is a great idea @als! I did my free trial on this Tmobile hotspot about 4 months ago and it worked great. I believe I received the hotspot within a few days after ordering and it worked great on a trip from Calif. to Colorado and back. At the end of thirty days, you just keep and use it as a very light paperweight or throw the hotspot away and T-mobile just asks how you liked it. A very simple process for 30 GBs of free data.

  1. Yes, Hello Mobile is on Sprint

This thread on Reddit

includes a user report that says the Hello plan is

  1. 15GB full speed, and then throttled to 256 kbps
  2. And that hotspot tethering is not included.

The Ting offer with a dedicated Franklin hotspot ($25 for 30gb/mo, plus the hotspot purchase) would be another possibility, but I believe Ting is currently out of stock. (Only that particular hotspot, purchased from Ting, will work.)

  1. As you suggest, peterquinn, Tello seems to be the cheapest standard offer that includes native hotspot use.

Bonus: it appears to offer relatively inexpensive by-the-gig add-ons if you should need a little extra data at the end of the month. (A reminder that, in theory at least, Tello doesn't allow hotspot usage when on fallback 2G.)

I don't know if you have already solved your problem, but if you purchased two of these pre-loaded sims for $60 total, you would get a combined 30 GB data per month for 3 months for $20 a month on T-mobile network.


Thank you everyone, for your suggestions! I went with Tello for the month, although maybe I needn't have, because home internet was reconnected in a week.

I am trying to plan ahead, so am looking for low-cost options outside Sprint (Tello).
Does anyone know if TMo's Prepaid hotspot plans allow tethering on slow-speed data? For that matter, are there any providers that allow tethering on slow-speed data?

Also, has anyone here used AT&T Prepaid's data passes? Are they good value?