Updated Freeup Plan

Not any more

That's interesting. It was there at the bottom when I originally posted. I was able to click on it and it came up and asked me if I already had a SIM or needed to order one. Now it's gone.

And I signed up for FreeUp's free plan thinking Tello will enforce their new 'an order every 90 days is required' rule. Let's see who kicks me out first!

Could it be that FreeUp removed their Free plan because they were afraid of a lot of light-use people getting out of Tello and signing up FreeUp's free plan?

I saw the free plan, too, just a minute ago-- on my home PC that hadn't gone to the site in recent days. Reloaded the page, and it's gone. I think we both saw a browser-cached version.

Let's just hope FreeUp continues to grandfather existing free lines. I have 3 lines that I hardly ever use but one of them is my old landline number and I don't want to give it up.

That makes sense. I tried another computer but it didn't come up. Now I wish I went through the process and tried to create a new account to see if it were possible at the time. Not needed. Just curious. :slight_smile: