Update on redpocket annual plans available from amazon

You can now buy the 500min/500text/500mb a month annual plan on amazon using the cellnuvo redpocket annual plan installment option. Costs $99+$4.59 shipping.

The unlimited talk/text/1gb data annual plan for $205 appears to no longer be available on amazon. Just the 3gb one for $255 + $4.52 shipping.

Sorry to ask this, but.... is this confirmed as CN eligible, mmfacemm?

Since it appears the new Unreal AT&T plan is VoIP, this looks like the best choice for a budget AT&T line. For me, 500 min/text is as good as 'unlimited'.

Good question... Yes I confirmed it with CN support.

Use the annual Redpocket plan choice in cn app

Hi what are the general steps on
a) purchasing a new annual RP plan on amazon? select RP annual installment...what do fill out for the rest (acct,optional)
b) renewing an annual RP plan that about to expire? select the same option, fill in phone number?


There's no point in doing it now. You won't end up getting it, as they have been low on cash and haven't been able to pay out a bunch of people's gc.

We dont know what is going on. Not to say next month payments won't start again.

Tom should address us. Silence makes things worse.

To answer the original question

  1. figure out what rp plan you want. For example thev$255 unlimited talk, text. ,3 gig

  2. start banking $100 per month max per account. Using the app and option rp annual plan.

  3. when you reach $255 in 3 months. Email support your cellnuvo account information and your Amazon email attached to your Amazon account. Explain what you want. And you will get a notice on that Amazon email.

It is up to each of us to decide if it is worth it. Do I think payment issues will still be here in 3 months from now. Nope. But if you do then do not bother.

Every time something like this happens and time refuses to address us and tell us what's going on. Rumors always transpire about cellnuvo demise. Tom has told me more than once that they are not going out of business.

As next month is quickly approaching. There's going to be more redemptions. So either they will work or they won't

If this month was a tough month for them. They should have told us ahead of time instead of these rumors that are going to spread that they're going out of business.

Of course people on this board received payments in the past. And then quickly and easily turn on cellnuvo. The classic what have you done for me lately. Not taking cellnuvo actions in total. As for me they have earned a little leniency. Of course Tom should address us

a) Following on from lexusl21

Once you have done the three steps above and waited a couple of weeks CN will email an amazon gift card to you and you buy the annual plan yourself. RP send you a sim pack as well as email a pin code for the plan. Then you activate using the pin on whatever network you want.

b) Do the same but after you receive your gift card and bought the plan simply enter the pin code into your current account. There is a box when you log into your RP account online at the bottom:

Already have an existing PIN, Voucher, or Airtime Card?
Enter pin here.

They do appear to be having some kind of issue as you can gather from this thread. They say they are backed up and will process these payments soon. They do continue to pay monthly bills so not exactly sure what is happening. I am not ready to write them off yet. Whenever there is an issue people throw up their arms and cry the end is nigh. With good reason as CN are usually dead silent. But problems are usually resolved eventually and having patience usually pays off.

Is it hypocritical to trade in gold in the past for a new phone then as soon as cellnuvo delays payment? You tell people to stop swiping. If you personally want to stop that is fine. I feel that if we all stop in retribution towards cellnuvo. We're only hurting ourselves since cellnuvo will have less money to pay out.

I always knew the risk I never counted the amount of gold I had in my account, but counted the amount of gold that was able to redeem. Knowing that if they ever did go out of business I would be leaving chips on the table. Stopping swiping because you're mad it's just playing Madness imo

Of course this madness is caused in part by cellnuvo s silence.

If someone gave me a gold watch last month, but this month it was delayed. Do I turn on this person? Do I owe them loyalty for past watches? Or do I turn on them at the first sign of weakness.

lexusl21: " If someone gave me a gold watch last month, but this month it was delayed. Do I turn on this person? Do I owe them loyalty for past watches? Or do I turn on them at the first sign of weakness."

You owe them loyalty.
In my life I have found loyalty to be one of the most rewarding and satisfying of all virtues.
You have analogized the issue well Lexus21.

Well at least the benefit of the doubt.

I hope Tom comes in and explains.

Cellnuvo is a new company. And new companies have bumps in the road

Personally, if I was ready to start payments on any purchase that required multiple monthly transfers, I'd start now instead of waiting for the backlog to be addressed.
If you're looking at the $225 RP plan, you'll need 3 months to transfer deposits (100 max per month).
If you wait for the backlog to clear before starting, it will take that much longer to accumulate transfers.
If the backlog ends up being a rolling backlog, at least you'll be in the queue.
If for some reason Amazon payments should be discontinued, I don't see any particular difficulty reversing the process and putting the Gold back on your ledger. (It's there either way, just with the monthly transfers being 'in escrow' waiting for the entire purchase price to accumulate.)