Unreal Premium Voice AT&T

From what I can tell, this is available now. Does anyone actually have it, and if so, does it suffer from the same ol AT&T iPhone no MMS limitation?

If the new premium SIMs use the standard Red Pocket iOS carrier bundle, then I believe MMS should be supported (best guess).

When selecting "Premium" and "iPhone" in APN generator, this config URL is loaded:
...which appears to be identical to:

Unreal APN generator:


Sadly, I contacted Unreal and they said with GSM, there is no native MMS. So, now I'm trying to find out if any A1863 iPhone (iPhone 8 unlocked) can be brought in, not sure of the current rules for Sprint and byop.

Unreal does make a distinction between "GSM" and "Premium" (both use AT&T). I am wondering if Unreal rep was addressing only their GSM (VoIP) service. The fact that the Premium SIM cards start with 89014 and APN/carrier bundle apparently same as Red Pocket suggests MMS may be supported, though I cannot confirm. Good luck.

ETA: In case you want to roll the dice, this promo for free SIM:

From what I can tell on the site, the plans seem to have hotspot. I do have a temporary need for a relatively low use a&tt hotspot line. Has anyone tried it without any modifications or software (e.g. PDA net).

I am on the old GSM, VOIP 3 month plan and I have native hotspot on my stock samsung s7.

I'm not sure if this still holds, and it is drawn from my experience with the FreedomPop plans:
Hotspot was not officially supported. It worked on unlocked phones that were not AT&T branded, and did not work on AT&T branded devices. Basically, if the phone didn't check to see if it was allowed, it worked.
Even if not officially supported, management didn't seem to go out of their way to prevent hotspot use on a phone, or use of a phone SIM in a MiFi..

I had assumed the same situation existed at Unreal. I don't know whether the recent APN change affects the situation.
I've read through some of Unreal's online information, and do not see a mention of 'hotspot' outside of dedicated MiFi devices.

Thanks! That little hotspot on the top right of the plans images (when you click on that banner) is what keeps messing me up. When I shop for plans, nothing on hotspot just the phone and 3 in 1 SIM. Probably looking too hard. All that would be needed is the hotspot and for that short period. Data use would be minimal (1GB at most).

My S7 is the G930VC (Xfinity) but has the stock G930U (Unlocked) firmware on it.

Like a lot of stuff on their site, there are things that are holdovers from the 'old' Unreal, and current info. I think the SIM/Phone/Hotspot images are a holdover, referring to the old 'LTE SIM'/CDMA Phone/Hotspot options.

This was true even for Cricket 2.5 years ago. For the short time I was on Cricket, I used up a lot of unauthorized hotspot by using my Cricket SIM on an unlocked Galaxy S4 issued by T-Mobile. (Unauthorized = I wasn't paying the $10 monthly fee to allow for hotspot). No idea if this still holds true. And I've heard that some people who abuse this have gotten kicked off Cricket.

Currently on the $10/month unlimited data plan, though it's not offered on their website right now. So, with the premium SIM, I do on iPhone get native SMS, MMS, calling. The hotspot says to call Redpocket to have them enable it, so I've pinged them to see if they do or will. I don't even have the app on the phone.

Congrats and looks like you got in at just the right time.

And to answer the question about hotspot, they did enable it, and after a reboot, hotspot works as well. Testing > 50mbps down speed using the new sim.

Looks like the best deal right now is $180 for a year (avg $15/mo) for 3GB LTE then unlimited 2g afterwards. The site does mention Premium GSM SIM, so that is the same one you are using - and it allows hotspot after contacting RedPocket, right?

BTW, for 3GB LTE/unl 2g for $180 a year is the same price with Mint Mobile.

BTWx2, RedPocket has the $10/mo plan

It may have been there for a while, but if you select Annual Plans in the drop-down menu on RP, you'll see the Ebay annual plans, with links.

That's pretty nice.

Strangely (or maybe not so strange, since it's Red Pocket), the annual plans listed do not include the ultra-low-cost Sprint plan

which RP denotes as "Red Pocket" on their Ebay Store, and FreedomPop sells in a nearly invisible manner as a by-the-month plan. It is, in my opinion, the value-leading plan that the seller doesn't want hardly anyone to know about, and doesn't want them to know who they bought it from.

The eBay RP plan looks like it's hard capped for data... :frowning:

The eBay RP 5GB plan looks pretty good at $240/360day. Seems the BestBuy Mint Mobile deal ended this morning... was 12GB for $240/360day...

BestBuy still has the Unreal 3-mo SIMs, but as many said here, that is not GSM Premium SIM/voip only.

The AT&T SIMs have a voip version and a non voip version. Or at least they used to. I do have hotspot, native calling on iphone, group messaging, voicemail, 2g after you exhaust the data, basically everything you can think of. Still paying $10/month, no taxes or fees.

Unreal Mobile... back of cardboard as shown on BestBuy... being Freedompop, the VPN statement has to be a joke, right? I do like ad blocking, don't want random sites loading malware on my phone.