Unreal Mobile, The First Month

My month rolls, on the 20th, so I burned through my 1GB of LTE data to see what the unlimited 2g was like. To my surprise, it was 64kbs, which was better than the 32kbps that I've seen on other Sprint MVNOs and expected to see with Unreal.

64kbps isn't great, but it's perfectly fine for Reddit, Nth Circle, and other web browsing. Even Facebook worked fine, although a bit slower.

I really like their app and the ability to switch between cellular dialing and VOIP, depending on the available signal and WiFi access.

For some reason I'm getting higher data speeds with Unreal than I am with Sprint's free year. I've done countless tests, using Fast.com, TestMy.net, and the Ookla speedtest and, out here in the country, I'm seeing the following:

  1. Moto G4 Play on Sprint Free Year consistently gets 3 to 12 Mbps of bandwidth.

  2. Boost Tribute HD on Unreal consistently gets 22 to 23 Mbps of bandwidth.

I performed those tests with the phones side-by-side. Both were using band 25.

My early impressions of Unreal Mobile are very good.

Thanks, Chelle.
I had seen somewhere the claim that throttled speed was 512k. (This was theoretically from an official source, but through the reporting grapevine method....... I don't think the journalist knew enough to realize what s/he heard/thought s/he heard was very unlikely, and to ask for clarification.)

Curious about the speed difference. Any chance the Moto G4 Play isn't capable of Spark, and the Trib HD is doing that?

I saw that same source who thought it was 512kbps. He or she burned through their data, using YouTube videos, and then tried using the phone.

Clearly they don't know how to do bandwidth tests.

I had hoped for 512kbps because you can actually still watch Netflix and even SlingTV, at that speed. I'll take the 64, though. It's better than 32.

I would think that the G4 Play would be Spark capable. I'll have to check on the specs.

yes my interest was piqued when I saw 512kbps. Didn't seem right though.

Chelle said: "For some reason I'm getting higher data speeds with Unreal than I am with Sprint's free year. I've done countless tests, using Fast.com, TestMy.net, and the Ookla speedtest and, out here in the country, I'm seeing the following:"

Same here--which is a head scratcher. Nexus 6 on Sprint one year free gets much slower speeds than MotoG 5s plus on "Unreal", though the respective speeds on both phones are less than you're getting. I am also quite pleased with "Unreal".

So looks like Sprint 1 year free is on the lowest tier of network priority.

Actually, from what I've been reading, the $15 Kickstart plan is at the bottom.

FWIW, I'm completely satisfied with the one year free plan.

That looks to be the case. I know a person on the 1 year free plan who lives in a more populated area than I, who gets the same slow speeds. Yet looking on the Sprint forums there are some Paid unlimited Sprint customers who report the same low speeds.

Unreal Mobile turns out to be Real Mobile Service! Got it for a week, seems very good. Flat $10 for unlimited calls/texts and 1GB data is an amazing deal. Not having to pay a whole year to get special rates is another benefits. With Redpocket yearly plan, though competitive, tie you to that specific plan you purchased. You can't change plans should you need more call minutes or text or port number in once activated the plan. Have to buy new yearly plan to make changes. Hope CellNuvo can add Unreal Mobile to its list of carriers that we can pay Gold credits with.

I just signed up yesterday on their $20 BYOD 3GB trial plan. It works fine on my phone, but I am only getting 3G data. Has anyone else encountered this, and if so, were you able to get up to LTE speeds eventually? Any input would be most welcome. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

I did have a few problems getting data to work properly on my "Unreal " plan. What I remember doing was making sure LTE is selected in Cellular network settings rather than 3G or the other options, also performed Network settings reset, which reset wifi,Cellular data, and Bluetooth ( you may have to re-sign into your wifi ). Also, under carrier settings, I did the Update PRL and the Update device config. Also did rebooting a few times. I cannot remember the exact order I did these procedures in, but I think doing the Network settings reset was the last thing I did before data started working correctly. One more thing I noticed is that my phone had a habit of switching from LTE to "Global" in the preferred network type, so probably best to check and make sure it's still on LTE. Good luck.

@Diedrich_Duo , a long shot, but did you sign up for unreal with your ex-Twigby Moto G4?

Yes, I did. And everything is working perfectly, including that 3G data (which, oddly, seems to be about as fast as my 512kbps-throttled data when the phone was on Twigby) -- just not able to get the full speed LTE yet.

I tried almost all of the suggestions mentioned in the last few posts. I didn't have time to call Unreal's support team today, but I'll try that tomorrow. In the meantime, it's nice to have my trusty (semi-)old Moto G4 back working again.

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions -- I'll let you know if / when I get that full speed LTE data going!

Sounds like an apn issue. Sometimes they don’t get updated properly switching between sprint mvnos

The twigby one is

I am not sure what the unreal one should be (perhaps someone who has it can help) but the freedompop one is

Use changeapn app to change it.

Worth a try.

You could also try using the generic sprint apn, it’s worth a shot.

It looks like the APN for Unreal is:


There's a second one shown, as well, and neither seems to be selected, so you can also try:


Edit: upon further examination, I'm pretty sure it's using the first one.

A long shot----After signing into you "Unreal" account, go to settings and there is a data setting( under voice and data settings) where you can turn on or off "data" savings. Default is off, but maybe it got switched on somehow.
"Data Settings Motorola Smartphone
Data Saver Preferences
When enabled, you will receive slower data speeds which will help you manage your data usage.

Data Saver"

Thanks for your post, @Isamorph. I tried toggling back and forth between "slowed" and "regular" data speeds, but it didn't change the 3G that I am set on for now.

Perhaps it's time to get the infamous master detective, Inspector Clouseau, on the case. That would make this even more interesting! :slight_smile:

Thank you! I'll give this a try later today and see what happens.

Thank you! I will give this a try if @mmfacemm's suggestion doesn't do the trick.