Unreal Mobile now has T Mobile Plans

$120 for unlimited t&t + 2Gb monthly for a one-year plan on T-Mobile network is a good deal it seems.

$10 not $120. Does seem like a good deal but it's a trial price that goes to $15 per month unless you opt for a 3 month price of $13 per month or a yearly price of $10 per month.

I think that's what Isamorph meant: $10 X 12= $120 for one year of service at $10/per month.
They have it listed as "12 Month Price".

I assume the yearly $120 plan applies to T- Mobile as well.

Yes, if you click through "View Details" on the 3 plans shown, the $10 (first month) or $120/annual plan appears to be T-Mobile only. The 2 more expensive plans indicate T-Mobile or AT&T. (I looked at both the first-month & 12-month options.)

I was tempted, but maybe in the near future.

According to a post on Reddit, Unreal is under new management. I am guessing that means Red pocket? Going to switch the wife to the T-Mobile plan, I've been using the native AT&T plan @ $10 unlimited (discontinued) for a good year now. It works great.

EDIT: So I did sign her up and the service is working great, number port in worked fine too. She has mobile hotspot too. It's fast. I have ordered one for me as well, switching from AT&T Unreal to Tmobile unreal as it's twice the data for the same $10/month.