Unreal Mobile launches ATT Sim

$10 for Unlimited talk/text/1gb data and unlimited 2g after that.
$20 for 3gb and $30 for 5gb

Sim is $4.99. Shipping is $6.99(!)


Shipping is obscene but it's still a good deal.

"No overage charges. Once you use your high-speed data, speeds are only reduced to 2G speed. For GSM Mobile Plans, talk and text use VoIP and require the UNREAL Mobile app running on Android 4.1+ or iOS 8.2+."

Disappointing that their GSM version requires VOIP, but their Sprint one doesn't.

Ouch. That sucks about the VOIP.

I really dislike voip

That sucks. Useless deal then. Just freedompop wrapped up in a different coat and freedompop is cheaper.

freedompop u have to read the fine fine print. I wouldn't pay that for voip

Lol this is a terrible deal.

If unreal mobile had a plan where

  1. no LTE but unlimited 2G
  2. used unlimited real voice/text on GSM
  3. dropped the price by a few dollars

I would buy that plan and replace my truphone plan.

What a let down after all this anticipation.

Freedompop already offers what seems essentially this plan, minus the fallback 2G, for $50/year. With cellular voice, I probably would have signed up with Unreal AT&T. Without it.... meh....

I wonder how long before they add "Premium voice" to the GSM plans. VOIP is a non starter for me. I have tried VOIP with Freedompop, Republic wireless, Textnow. It may work for texting but calling never works.

I ,too, don't care for the all voip new AT&T plan from "Unreal". I have a one year prepaid unlimited t&t and 1GB data ($42) AT&T all voip FP plan already, and $42 is much cheaper than $120 a year for the same. Unlike you, I'm satisfied with the calling using Hangouts, and data speeds are fast. So hopefully they may add cellular calling soon, particularly if there is little demand for the all voip plan.

For now, $3 in fees per line on Sprint for unlimited everything is still the best deal.

I don't know where others discovered that the new "Unreal" GSM AT&T plan was voip for calling and text, but I thought it peculiar the only place I saw calling and texting mentioned as being voip was in the small print on the choose a plan page for the GSM sim, which could easily be missed by someone signing up for the plan. I've been pleased with the "Unreal" Sprint plan and it's transparency, and was expecting the same for the AT&T plan.

EDIT: Just saw where the voip T&T issue was mentioned at PPPN.

Yes I missed it at first when I posted. Very sneaky. Sad really as unreal seemed like they were going to be a different company than freedompop but they are up to the same tricks with key info buried in the small print.

What are you paying and getting from Truphone?

I pay 9 cents per outgoing text and minute on outgoing call. Incoming calls and texts are free

Data is priced at 9 cents per MB but I use freedompop for data

Refills minimum 15 dollars which I do 1-2 yearly.

There are times where I cant get any data at all so thats why I would pay a tad more for that fictional plan.

I can't imagine what would be so different, between devices, but I find that FreedomPop VOIP tends to work very well on AT&T Prepaid devices-- my LG Phoenix 2 phones, especially.

I would not pay for VOIP service but, as a free plan, FP LTE works great on some of my devices.

It also works rather well on my Verizon Prepaid Moto E4 phones but, when using my Phoenix 2 phones, no one ever seems to know that I'm not using cellular voice.

14d free if you want to try it out

says free sim but they tack on a $4.99 activation = price of the sim.

Why all the hidden faults? Say up front it is voip