Unreal mobile 3 month pre loaded sim kit worth it?

Funny. Everyone else here on nth circle is leaving Unreal and I am considering trying it out with a three month 15$ pre-loaded unlimited talk, text , 16gb sim from Best buy while I am in an area with att coverage. Is it cellular att voice? Any opinions if this is a good deal?
thanks in advance

No, unless "Unreal" miraculously changed things. The GSM (AT&T) plans use VOIP calling, and the CDMA Sprint plan is celluar voice. The review for VOIP calling on the GSM plan are not great.

From the "Unreal" website( in small print). "For GSM Mobile Plans, talk and text use VoIP and require the UNREAL Mobile app running on Android 4.1+ or iOS 8.2+ Special features available on some plans"

I looked at the best buy deal you referenced and did not see "VOIP" mentioned anywhere. The forum has mentioned the fine print trick in earlier threads about "Unreal's" AT&T plan.

It is a good deal for data, including fallback 2G and (I believe) partial rollover.
In my experience (with the FreedomPop VoIP app, which is likely identical), I could use it successfully for outgoing calls, and for non-essential incoming calls. I wouldn't want to rely on it for work, and it works better on some phones than others..

Recent info from Red Pocket seems to indicate that it's safe to purchase these. (No one knew much 10 days ago.......)