Unreal Mobile, $15 to hide out here for 3 months


Unreal Mobile $5 per month unlimited for 3 months with 3 GB LTE $15

Thanks, PEW! A reminder that Unreal now provides true cellular voice on this plan. (SIMs purchased from Target, Best Buy, etc., are still data-only with VoIP calling.)

A company rep has responded to some questions in that thread, and indicate that the SIM/plan can be activated within 90 days.

In keeping with the rather muddled brand identity of Unreal Mobile, official responses in that Slickdeals thread have come from Unreal, Freedompop, and Red Pocket usernames. Seems like an odd social media pattern from a brand that was set up to provide it's own 'brand identity', doesn't it?

Good to know this plan has true GSM cellular since I assumed it was VoIP. It would probably behoove Unreal to make clear which GSM sims they sell are VoIP or Cellular since many who purchase them likely come away disappointed after discovering their sim is VoIP only for calling.

The whole freedompop acquisition was handled messily from a customers perspective. I wonder how long it will be until they properly integrate everything. Seems like all they are doing is running them side by side with no changes.

How much of the high-speed data can you use for hotspot (on Android)? Without using Pdanet or similar apps. Thanks!

Looks like you can't use Unreal for hotspot at all. I was all set to jump on this promo when I read this: "The ability to use your phone as a wifi hotspot is currently unsupported. Please stay tuned, because this may change in the future." https://help.unrealmobile.com/hc/en-us/articles/360032409532-WiFi-tethering-blocked-calls-and-other-features#h_6a3202b8-55fe-4b1f-9103-222c44448c4b No way I'm signing up after reading this!

Very unreal, pardon the pun!

In the past I've been able to access mobile hotspot on AT&T MVNOs whose plans don't technically support it by using a T-Mobile issued android phone that has been unlocked. This has worked for me on the Galaxy S4, S5, and S7. I've also been able to gain access to mobile hotspot on at least one Verizon-issued phone. The main trick is to ensure that your phone is not certified to be used on AT&T and is GSM unlocked. You would need to sacrifice access to LTE bands 29 and 30.

Thanks bingyee! I do have T-Mo (MetroPCS actually) phones but I'm of a "better safe than sorry" ilk -- don't want to spend the money and then find out I can't hotspot. My plan was to buy 3 of the 12GB promo SIMs. But without guaranteed hotspot capability, I don't want to spend that kind of money on Unreal.

The "help" section of "Unreal" you linked could be out of date. Take a gander at the link below where it says the plan you desired does include HOTSPOT. You can call Unreal to make sure hotspot is included. 1-310-807-6388

"Includes VoLTE, HD Voice and WiFi calling, hotspot, Facetime over cellular data"


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