Unreal GSM?

Has unreal announce when...

  1. their GSM Network option will open?
  2. If the GSM network will be priced differently
  3. If their GSM will be based of ATT or T-Mobile?

Since they are basically freedompop I think it is likely to be ATT.

No announcement has yet been made.

  1. Mid August?
  2. Comparable
  3. AT&T

According to Cnet: What network does Unreal Mobile use?
FreedomPop has long been a Sprint MVNO and Unreal is as well -- until mid-August, when the carrier will offer an AT&T-based SIM. According to an Unreal spokesperson, plan pricing will be "comparable" to the Sprint-based options.

FreedomPop has long had already an AT&T network option before Unreal.

Yes, but I believe just for data and voip, not true cellular calling like "unreal" offers with Sprint now, and hopefully AT&T in August.

Unreal GSM is here. And it is VOIP sadly.

VOIP on At&T network is bad idea! Even offering for free at Freedompop, people weren't taking it. If need to, either increase the price or offer limited amount of calls and text along with the 1 GB of data! VOIP is one of the most hated option Unreal Mobile can add to their line-up.

And if they're trying to give Unreal a new identity separate from FreedomPop, VoIP is certainly not the way to do it.
I've actually had pretty good results using FP VoIP for outgoing calls, and find the call quality quite good. It's incoming that I don't trust.

I think part of the reason people have such different 'call quality' experiences with VoIP on phones is phone-specific. There are important level adjustments for voice signal in VoIP that are not accessible to the user: if the phone's preset levels are inappropriate for VoIP, there's no way for the user to adjust it. Even the incoming call reliability issue may not really be a direct fault of VoIP-- rather, it may be the fault of OS that can't really be optimized to make the best use of VoIP without significant unwanted side effects. (Like battery drain.....)