"Unreal" AT&T cellular voice

Real GSM/AT&T voice now on "Unreal"----for no additional cost.

$10 for unlimited t&t + 1Gb data on AT&T with cellular voice ain't bad.

And the data isn't hard-capped.

Is there a better price for unlimited t&t + 1Gb high speed, soft-cappped by the month (not multi-month purchase required).....

on AT&T?

on any other network?

I think multi-month you can get unlimited t&t + 1Gb soft-capped data down to the ~$6 - $7 range.

Considering RP's reluctance in their 'specials' this past BF, and that one can still get a decent offering from them for $20 less - they seem to have shot themselves in BOTH feet already if what they desire is continued growth.

Seems to this former RP user that they could have done a better job at keeping users than doing this instead=>

At any event this just amuses me because rather than spending $120 + T&F for unlimited (which I do not need), I was able to get virtually unlimited cellular AT&T coverage via Truphone for a total of $30 which does not require either a monthly or a yearly payment.

Seems to me that the execs of these companies need to spend LESS time partying and MORE time actually dealing with trying to keep paying customers from abandoning their services - but that is just my silly POV.

On Sprint, Tello ties the Unreal plan with an unlimited T&T + 1 GB soft cap data plan for $10 a month, but did I mention Sprint. And yes, some multi-month or yearly plans can be had for less than $10 a month.

Hope I'm wrong......this plan could be the precursor to the long awaited promise by RedPocket to provide true cellular to Freedompop GSM users???

Yes hopefully so. No doubt they will start with the paid plans and make their way down to the free ones sometime in 2040.

Yep, less than $7/mo. at Best Buy. (When you buy 3 months of service)



Edited for clarification, changes in red:

Sure but that is multi-month.

Yes, to get the under $7/mo you have to purchase 3 months just like the link shows.


You need a Premium LTE SIM to get the cellular voice & text. The SIM cards sold at Best Buy are the old SIM cards and not compatible with cellular voice & text.

I should have looked into this further before getting the 3/mo 1GB sim at Best Buy. I immediately transferred my number and it looks like I'm going to be stuck with VOIP for 3/mo.

I asked chat support if Best Buy was going to be getting the Premium LTE SIM cards and she didn't have any info at this time. She said that the SIM cards sold on their (Unreal) website are Premium LTE.

They are supposed to be transferring people over from the old sims but it probably will take a while.

Not to get your hopes up but it's possible that you will be one of the current customers who may receive the updated sim.

"A company spokesperson has told BestMVNO that all current customers will soon be transitioned to premium voice SIMs which will offer the same native calling and texting experience that current Red Pocket Mobile GSMA customers experience. Red Pocket's GSMA subscribers have service on AT&T's network.

Customers currently with Unreal Mobile will soon receive an email from the company informing them about the new SIM that is going to be sent to them and how to transition to it. With the new SIM, customers will no longer be required to install or use the Unreal Mobile app to place phone calls. All new customers will receive the new premium voice SIM card by default. The feature upgrade will come without a pricing change."

We'll see, the chat rep didn't say anything about current customers getting sent a Premium LTE SIM card. She made it seem like I'd have to buy a new SIM and possibly have to change plans but maybe the info for the whole transition hasn't gone out yet or even been finalized.

I wanted to jump on this since Xfinity Mobile is changing to be minimum $12 a month starting in March. I don't use my phone very much so I should be fine with VOIP.

With the recent APN change the configuration page (https://www.unrealmobile.com/apn) shows
"GSM SIM ICCID starts with 89011**" and "Premium LTE SIM ICCID starts with 89014**"

Might be good to know if you want to check Best Buy or Target to see which SIM cards they have.

I got a response from a support ticket I created asking how to switch to the Premium LTE SIM.

I haven't received a promotional email from them and responded to the ticket saying so.