Únlock Code for ZTE Blade A7 Prime

ZTE accidentally packed the Verizon version of the phone in Visible boxes in the most recent batch.

When you put in your Visible SIM it will ask for an unlock code since it's a Verizon phone.

The unlock code is 123456

It would be interesting to know whether this latest batch have more lte bands.

I'll know, tomorrow, when my friend's shows up.

I'm kicking my self for not jumping on this one but I bet this version works on T-Mobile and AT&T without having to force 3G mode. I bet this one also works on Verizon MVNOs such as Xfinity.

Interesting observation that hadn't occurred to me. Seems logical.

Interesting indeed!

Same bands as the Visible model.

I'm seeing reports, however, that indicate that it works more easily on other networks, like T-Mobile, without having to do much tweaking.

I'll be curious to see if that's true.