Unlimited talk and text $15/month

Got an email with an offer for unlimited talk and text for $15 / month

"Here's another great reason to try Ting Mobile out. Unlimited talk and text for $15/month. Plus, only pay for the data you use. No contracts.

Limited time offer. Call our sign-up team on 1-855-888-7212 to get started."

Not too bad if you value the customer service and don't use much data.

Did the email specify a particular network?
I wonder if the usual $6 line charge is additional, or rolled into that cost.

No details

While a targeted offer, it's not network-specific like some of our other offers. There is no additional $6. It's baked into the $15.

Data is billed at standard rates.

Thanks-- and nice! For talk/text only (or very low data users), this seems pretty competitive, especially on the T-Mobile network.

And I'm one who believes that Ting's value-added customer service is worth an additional cost.

(Although, what's a poor Nth Circler to do when a company representative comes and gives accurate and detailed answers, and removes the pleasure of having to find a guinea pig-- err, volunteer-- here to buy a plan in order to figure out how it works....... :unsure: )

All I can say in response is:
'Once bitten - twice shy'
Which for us is an understatement referring to our misplaced trust given too willingly to this carrier a while back.
(Fortunately also for us, our needs for Verizon coverage are fulifilled at lower costs already.)