Unable to swap device

Is Tello disallowing device swaps? Tried to swap phone A/Plan A and phone B/Plan B to phone A/Plan B and phone B/Plan A. I was able to swap phone C/Plan A and had some trouble moving phone A/Plan B. But now, unable to make any more swaps on both plans... system claims phone B that is no longer on plan B and it says not compatible. Also tried phone D that currently has no service and also claims not compatible.

Sometimes you have to wait for it to clear through the system.

Hm... can't even sign up for a new line... looks like Tello may be blocking people from swapping devices from account to account.

I entered info to swap from an iPhone SE to an LG Stylo 3. I went through the system all the way until just before entering in my account PIN. I didn't encounter any problems.

Weird, I guess it was blocking my IP or something. I just tried on my Tello phone on cell data and it worked.

I was gonna post 'I had a similar problem and it got solved with a new temporary ESN' but you fixed it first!

I tried numerous ESNs... this case appears to be some kind of block of my broadband internet IP address.