Ultra Mobile revamp $3 a month plan

Now includes 100 mins/100texts/100mb for $3 a month


3c for extra minutes and mbs and 1c for extra texts

There are also daily.and weekly ad ons if you need a temporary boost eg $10 for 1gb of data for 7 days.

Unfortunately you have to buy in store (tmobile) but otherwise a good low cost plan.

Never miss a chance to shame Ting - Cost would be $15 plus tax!

Curious, what were the previous paygo allotments & overage cost?

Any combination of 30 minutes or texts; 10 cents per minute/text overage. No data.

This change makes it a pretty attractive plan for very light users, or for backup/emergency use.
The per-unit rates aren't bad : compare Ultra's 3c/min, 1c/text, 3c/mb to Tello's PayGo at 1c/minutes/texts, 2c per mb. (And if you used all of it, the Ultra base plan includes units that Tello would charge $4 for.)

The payment scheme is a little awkward, and would require some user interaction. AutoPay charges $5, $10, or $20 monthly, with the $3 monthly fee deducted from that. With usage not exceeding the base units, you'll accumulate a balance over time. (Recharge rate is higher than monthly base cost.)

It looks like you can manually fill in $10, $15, $50 increments instead of relying on autopay, and let the balance draw down for both the $3/monthly charge and any overages.

Still a hassle that you can only set up a plan at 'select' T-Mobile stores. Does anyone know what the setup cost is?

I read somewhere a sim pack is $10. Unfortunately all I can find are resellers selling at $40+ on amazon/ebay.

Thanks for the info about autopay KentE. Seems very awkward.