Ultra mobile $3 plan sim now $13 off ebay

For those struggling to find the ultra mobile paygo sim that you used to have to get from a select few tmobile stores... they have added a listing to ebay for $13.

Hopefully that means no more people trying to sell these for $40-50.

$3 plan gives 100 mins/100texts/100mb a month on the tmobile network.

Thanks again to rizwank ( Rizwan Kassim - co-founder of mint/ultra) for sending a family member one when we couldn't find them anywhere. Most appreciated. One of the good guys. Looks like they listened to those having trouble finding these and made sure they are now available.

Coincidentally, I received an email reply to a couple of questions I'd asked via the ebay store about these SIMs.

  1. Officially, they need to be activated within 45 days. (I was hoping that wouldn't be the case, since I had in mind an 'emergency' ready-to-go application.

  2. It does appear that they can be activated via text message if one isn't porting in a number. I'd noticed that in the Ebay description, and asked for clarification. I didn't really get clarification, but did get the same info copied-and-pasted.

Without the 45-day expiration, this would be a nearly ideal 'what if' solution, since it's the only service I'm aware of that can be activated without internet access. (I suspect that there are still some true 'burner' phones at convenience stores that will self-activate, from providers we've never heard of....) I'm guessing that the 45-day limit can be stretched, as some have stretched the 45-day Mint requirement to considerably longer periods-- but it kind of removes the function of an emergency phone if one is dealing with a Schrodinger's Cat situation.

Maybe it is 45 days because credit is preloaded? Sim is supposed to be $10 and 1 month is $3...

Does it offer international roaming like the other ultra mobile plans?