Ultra Mobile $ 10 a Month Yearly Plan

There are some pretty attractive yearly phone service deals currently, and here's latest entry.

$120 for one year unlimited talk & text + 1Gb data monthly.


I looked through their FAQ but I didn't see if data is hardcapped or soft cap. Are they like mint w/ a soft cap?

This is perfect for my needs and I also found an Ultramobile referral link in the referral thread. So thank you, forum.

Soft capped based on my understanding of this FAQ:
If I’m in an area with poor coverage, what will happen to my data speeds?
Our high-speed data will always attempt 4G LTE speeds, but certain locations or network conditions will render 4G LTE unavailable. Your network speed will be dependent on your location, coverage and device.

After the allotted 4G LTE data is exhausted, data speeds will be slowed. Further throttling may occur for heavy data users. For any questions about data speed, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. (hyperlink to terms: https://www.ultramobile.com/mobile-plans-terms-conditions/)

If anyone is using Ultramobile, can you tell me if unlimited international calling is available on the $120 plan?

I'm not on a plan, but it would seem unlimited International calling is available for the $120plan but it costs a little. See the link below.


Looking better and better. Unlimited international calling is included. I found this in FAQ:

What unlimited international calling destinations are included in the Multi-Month Plans?
All Multi-Month Plans include Unlimited Calling to 80+ International Destinations. These destinations are the same as our Single-Month Plans and can be found in our International Destination List. (link to https://www.ultramobile.com/international-calling/)