Ultra Mobile $10 a month yearly Plan

Limited time offer : $120 for one year of unlimited t&t and 1 GB data.


Goodness, that's cheap. I might have to pick one of these up just because it's so damn cheap.

I like this promo much better than the buy-3-get -3 promo they did last time.
That one had some odd limitations, most notably restrictions on the phone itself.

  • You must be a new Ultra Mobile customer. Your phone number must not have been active in our system within the last 60 days.
  • Your device must not have been active with T-Mobile, or any other T-Mobile network carrier (including Ultra) within the last 60 days.
  • If transferring your number to Ultra, you cannot come from T-Mobile or any other T-Mobile network carriers.

Plus, you weren't told if you were judged eligible until 22 days after activating.

I don't see any indication of restrictions on this one.

Liberty Wireless is $100 for the same but I guess you pay for the bigger, more stable MVNO with ultra as well as international calling/texting.

You'd think someone could figure out a free plan with prices this low.

I'd forgotten about all the restrictions on the past Ultra promos, which maybe kept most people away.

Also forgot to mention data is soft capped and unlimited(?) 2G (128kb) after 1 GB runs out.

"After you have used up all of your 4G LTE for the month, including on our Unlimited plans, your data will be initially throttled to 128kbps. Further throttling may occur for heavy data users. For any questions about data speed, please refer to our Terms and Conditions."

vs Tello which has no 12-mo commitment.

If one prefers Sprint over the T-Mobile network, Tello is fine.
As mentioned above., Liberty Wireless at least ties, perhaps, beats, Tello's $10 a month deal with its $100 yearly unlimited t&t + 1 GB plan which works out to about $8.33 a month. However, this plan is data hard capped, so no unlimited 2G data. But..." You can purchase a data Top-Up anytime! $5 gets you 1GB of 4G LTE Data..." which is pretty cheap.


I think the Liberty Wireless offer is also very good. The difference in data capping means you could pick which route works best for you. I could live with 2G speeds for a while (especially at 128K). But Liberty's $5/GB add-on is very cheap, and likely serves most folks' data expectations better.
Although it's too early to tell with Liberty, it doesn't appear to be a promo rate, and you can choose to go month-to-month at the website for $10/mo. If you click on the "Add Airtime" button, it appears you can do monthly refills with a range of data amount, based on $5/GB.

I came very close to buying a Liberty plan last week, when my Sprint Free plan aged out. But I have one of the 3-month Unreal plans in reserve, so I put off that move & ported my Sprint #'s to our Tello lines. Sprint MVNO coverage has worked well for us, and I do appreciate the easy flexibility with Tello.

Ultra Mobile(T-Mobile) Multi Month Plan with 1GB Data 12 Months Service included = $9.54 a month or $115 for 12 months.
Also: my eBay account says I get $5.75 back in eBay bucks on this deal. But I'm not sure if the eBay bucks includes the 5% on any purchase offer that was recently announced. If not, at least on some accounts an additional 5% off might occur.


This deal isn't too bad either: 15GB a month for 3 months for $34 mobile hotspot capable