Hello just starting a new Twigby thread for anyone who is here.

They dropped prices today and it is looking more competitive if you use a lot. I'm interested in the lowest plan so was hoping for a cheaper voice tier but no joy.

FREE2START - 1st month free for any plan - just pay tax ($1.50 ish)

Stacks with a referral code. You just sign up and activate and then chat with customer service online to add a referral name and number. Both get $20 after 30 days. PM me here if interested

Looks like the demise of R+ is leading to competition!

Ting swooped in and is getting first bite at everybody who doesn't initiate a port. Tello and Twigby lost out there.

Seeing that anybody who ports out of Ting WAS likely to go to Tello, Twigby had to reduce it's rates if it wanted some action.

Seeing many new Ting accounts will have multiple lines, meaning a $35 credit does not go far, one free month at Twigby PER LINE and reduced rates should be attractive.

The Twigby rates beat Ting's by a long way now, especially with no monthly device fee.

And their plans are now comparable with Tello. The only real advantage of Tello is for PAYGO.

I think Ting is going to have to reduce their rates or increase their allotments.

Race to the bottom!

What would be even better is if one of them licenses the Smart Dialer from RingPlus then make their service free! :wink:

Twigby has a feature to throttle your own data. I have been trying the 64k to test out what things would be like when data is throttled. Hangout calls are actually reasonable. Puffin browser is bearable - I can actually read and post on ringplus social without too much pain. WIll miss 128k mint sim data. Might still keep mintsim after the promo all things considered.

Customer service say to power down and back up after changing the data speeds. It should switch back without any issue after you select full speed and power cycle again.

Does Twigby include tethering? How about star codes for call forwarding (*72) and conditional call forwarding (*28, *73, *74)? I know that last one is a reach...

Tethering yes. At least the hotspot function is available in my iphone and that isually means the carrier allows it. I think I saw on the website it was allowed too.

I'm not really familiar using * codes so I'll leave someone else to answer those.

According to my chat with their support team as long as the phone support tethering/hotspot it's allowed.

Just tried Conditional Call Forwarding... no. Got the message, "The feature code you have entered is invalid"

Given all the headaches with free services like RingPlus and Freedompop, I prefer low-cost paid service that is reliable. Hopefully that's what Twigby will provide us.

This may be a dumb question, but do I need to enable roaming in my phone to take advantage of the Verizon roaming with Twigby?

Usually roaming is enabled already in your phone settings but if not (assuming you are android) then go to settings, wireless& networks and then cellular networks then change the system select cdma roaming mode to Automatic (vs home only).

For iphone you go into settings>cellular>cellular data options> roaming > voice roaming is on.

If you haven't added a referral to your account for an extra $20 feel free to PM me over at ringplus social and I'll provide the details. You can add it after you have activated for service via chat

Twigby referral $20.The Twigby deal is the best. First month is FREE + you and me both get $20 referral. Please PM me and I will answer ASAP with a referral.

Thanks. I'm on Android. I noticed that when I go into setting, I now see roaming options which weren't there when I was on RingPlus or Boost. The roaming mode was already set to automatic, but the voice and data roaming options were all disabled. I enabled "domestic voice roaming" and left the others disabled. It allows me to enable data and international roaming, but I presume those wouldn't do any good.

I have two lines on ringplus well one line now porting out to twigby. What i would like to know is the other line i would like to port out of ringplus but not to my twigby account. That line is a family members line that needs to go on there own account. How would i port that line out to there own account.

Thank you

Just log out of twigby and setup a new account and port out. Remember to refer each other via chat after it is all ported- just give them your tel number and name.

Any MVNO's have data roaming (Twigby does not)?

Most MVNO's don't have roaming. Twigby offers roaming for free on the big V! :slight_smile:

I chatted with Twigby support and they said that Domestic Voice and Domestic Data should both be enabled.

I had read that Twigby had voice/text roaming but not data roaming.

That was my understanding too. Sorry I didn't ask why data roaming should be enabled. Maybe it's necessary to allow MMS while roaming. I did notice this statement on the Twigby site: "Data plan is needed for picture messaging"

I chatted with support again to get more info. Here's the scoop.

[li]Twigby supports voice/text roaming, but not data roaming.[/li]

[li]MMS messages require cellular data, so it will not be possible to send/receive MMS messages while roaming, or while connected to wifi only.[/li]

[li]Enabling domestic data roaming in the phone is not likely to make any difference, since data roaming is not supported. However it is safe to enable the setting so that if some data does come through while roaming, then it can be received. This is not the norm or guaranteed though. Basically we would be enabling the setting "just in case".[/li]

Also, here is a FAQ from Ting which talks about MMS. I'm guessing that most of this info is relevant to Twigby also.