Twigby to transition to the Verizon network

Not available yet, but in the works. The link says that rates won't change, which should make Twigby pretty attractive for Verizon coverage.
This is good news: Twigby previously hadn't given any indication of how they would handle the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, so the wondering is over.
If you're using an older legacy-Sprint phone, you'll probably need a new one-- but you'll gain full Verizon service instead of limited talk/text roaming.


cheapest unlimited talk and text at $9 a month. Not sure if taxes are extra on twigby I think so. I liked them when I used them after ringplus but moved away from sprint.

Yes, taxes are extra.

YMMV of course but they have been very accommodating, extending 25% off for 6 mo. when I presented alternatives I was thinking of switching a line I manage to.

Is Twigby currently the only MVNO that still allows new activations on the Sprint network? I know that Tello allows existing active lines to continue but not new activations. RedPocket is unclear to me - I think they may allow for new activations but I think you have to provide your own SIM.

For most of us (budget conscious barrel-bailers), I think you're right. still lists some other MVNOs, but I haven't checked to see if they're still allowing new activations-- the price isn't attractive to me.

Neither of our exisiting & perfectly good phones will work with straight VZ, so I was glad to see this:

Sillier still - I put in a few Vermont zipcodes & their site says that all lack coverage, even though we use Twigby's existing VZ fallback whenever we visit those places.

It will be a sad thing for me when I must retire my good old Volt - it is a very comfortable phone for me.
I'll have to make ready for this change & glad that there is really no hurry to do so.