Twigby seems to be changing

This may sound strange coming from me after being a happy Twigby user for a bunch of years, but...
The service seems to be changing in unsatisfactory ways.

In the past, even before it went all verizon, we knew of areas where there was enough signal and making calls was 90% reliable, but now (as an example) at my partner's workplace in a totally covered verizon area calls only complete ~10% of the time with either of our phones.

Their customer service USED to be top-notch and quite accommodating too.
Lately though it has gotten very poor & quite apathetic.

In the past whenever they made changes, had some update to share or whatever they would notify folks via email - ESPECIALLY when it came to any rate changes.
No more, it seems.

Within recent months they lowered the rate for our plan by 33%, with ZERO notice given - so we went on paying the higher rate until I happened to visit their main site looking for deals and saw this directly.

I hopped onto their chat to ask about this change, and...
Round & round we went - with a decidedly poor outcome.

  • They are HAPPY to change the rate NOW, with no credit for overpayment.

  • they will generously apply a $5 1-time credit to make us feel better about their taking advantage of us.

Supposedly a supervisor will email me to see if any better result may follow, but after more than a day has passed I am not counting on it.

Looking into porting to the US Mobile deal with its cheaper rate which is now looking mighty fine...'specially after using their phone support to ask pertinent questions.

After the super easy port out for my number I also ported out my partner's number.
It went even faster than mine did & also worked as it should.

We are now 100% done with Twigby.