Twigby sale

Looks like a 25% discount and special pricing... $15/mo for unlimited + 3gb data for 6 mo.
This matches Mint's pricing.

Hadn't seen those 3 "smartphone value plans" before.

Those plans and promo prices have been on Twigby a long time

Twigby's plans are a good value for sure! But one thing looks different with them vs. Mint, besides the networks they use: Mint's $15/mo, 3 GB plan offers unlimited 2G data after you use your high-speed allotment, whereas Twigby just moves you up to the next higher plan for the rest of that month and charges you the difference.

That can be disabled it will shut off or throttle the data for the rest of the billing cycle.

Thanks for the clarification. I know that was true in the past, when they only had their "custom" plans, but since I no longer have an active account I was not able to see anything on their website showing that their new "value" plans had that option.