Twigby-Port From Twigby To CellNuvo-Has Anyone?

Hi guys!!

    Quick question. Has anyone ported from Twigby to CellNuvo? If so, how long did it take? Did you start your port on a weekday (Monday-Friday) or weekend (Saturday or Sunday)?


Seh-hee :slight_smile:

Cellnuvo ports have been taking a bit longer than usual (not from twigby in particular). So if you do it then you will need to be a little patient. Do you need a referral code for cellnuvo?!

Just be aware you will lose your $20 referral credit if you don't stay for 30 days at Twigby!

I sent a message to to port in a number from Twigby. This was Friday Feb 24th. I heard nothing...sent a message to Tom. He said he'd figure out what is going on. Then a couple days later still nothing. So I sent another follow up message.... and nothing since.

I have no idea if a port was officially submitted from my email request and it's just stalled... or my email went to deaf ears. :slight_smile: I need this done this week or I'll be in another billing cycle at twigby.

Hmmm....:whistle: :unsure:

UPDATE: My port in was submitted this morning... and by afternoon the number was active on my CellNUVO acct.

FYI... The acctnumber when submitting a port is NOT your phone number... it's the account number you can find in your twigby online acct management (mine was 4 digits). The pin for my acct was 0000 (Prob all are set to 0000). Glad I'm good to go.

Loved my Twigby service and will be transferring my wife's acct as soon as the free month of ECO is complete (ECO Mobile is a complete mess!!! or to coin a Pres Trump word.. A Disaster!!!)