TruPhone e-SIM plans

$5 for 30 days, 1GB LTE allowance.
$13 for 30 days, 3GB LTE allowance.

That is the best pricing I've seen as well for 30 days for 1GB, but Airalo has a $3GB plan for $11. This is the best site I've found for esim prices:

Hm... Redteago 1GB for $1 over 15 day looks very interesting.

That is an introductory / new customer offer. Regular rates are higher ($13 / GB / 30 days) for 1 and 3 GB plans

Is this a data only plan or does it allow voice minutes?

The ESIM plans I provided a link for are data only. They are a second virtual sim you can use in a select few phones at the present. You continue to use your physical sim for voice and text.

You can get ESIM plans with talk text and data, I think ATT and TMobil support them. However you could pair with a mvno. One example would be pairing it with TextNow free service and get your data from an ESIM provider.

This is a good pairing with the Tello 2GB LTE (unlimied 64kbps)/mo deal. At $40 /6 = $6.67/mo
Add the 3GB plan. At $11 or 3GB.
Gives you 5GB LTE with unlimited 128kbps afterwards at about $18/mo.

But, I guess this also makes the $25/mo unlimited plans out there very worth considering...

Indeed. WIth TMobile 4/$100 and CricketWireless increasing their speed to 8Mbps (deprioritization remains), $25/mo unlimited plans with international roaming is looking like the new normal.

I hope this trend catches on.

Take a look at Dent Wireless if you want a esim backup. Lasts 365 days rather than a month. 1gb $4.99 3gb $12.99 and 10gb is $39.99 Runs on ATT as well.

There are options to earn "Dents" which is a virtual currency which you can use to buy data. You can just ignore that though. And if you set up teams your data gets doubled or so I heard (not sure if that is a one off or not).

Pairs nice with a freeup sim for a very low cost plan. Or you can combine it with ultras $3 a month plan if you want 2 networks. Of course you need an esim compatible phone though which are more expensive than many use on here.

I am a fan of truphone though as their customer service is excellent and their prepaid sim has served me well. Wish they would let you use one on esim with the free incoming calls..