Trump 3D Chess!

A lot of Trump supporters think he's a genius. I wonder what the jury of his "peers" in the deep red part of Florida will make of the details of his genius.

He told his maintenance guy to delete surveillance tapes. The maintenance guy couldn't figure out how to do it so drained the pool and flooded the SERVER room. Trump is paying for his lawyer (or more accurately, Trump's supporters are paying) so he doesn't flip, but there are other employees who have cooperated. And then the maintenance guy lies to the FBI. Meanwhile, the FBI get the surveillance video from the security company.

Genius! (Not Trump!)

After the first documents indictment, the media got hold of the recording where Trump is talking to people without clearance and shows them a classified document. Trump afterwards claims he did not show anything. Now, it appears that not only have DOJ recovered the document, they have gotten it cleared for the trial and have added the charge of disseminating classified documents.

What a freaking genius Trump is!

And I forgot to mention that Trump is the one who had all his meetings with journalists recorded and then proceeded to admit on tape that it was too late to declassify the document that he was illegally retaining and disseminating.

What a freaking genius!