I couldn't find a FAQ page but it seems that their price is nice.

Looks interesting. Sprint mvno

Tello and Twigby are less expensive.

Are they? Done the math?

tru $10 100 mins/unlimited text/500mb

Twigby is $15 for 200mins (lowest available)/unlimited text/500mb. Includes unlimited 2g but no option without it. Yes you get more but you can't go lower in price for 500mb lte.

Tello $14 but you also get unlimited 2g. Without it is $16 a month anyway. Again a a slightly better plan but you pay extra for it and can't configure it any cheaper.

The other plans I'll give you but the $10 a month plan is very good unless you want unlimited 2g

A couple of notes on the BYDO page:

  1. if you just press "return/enter" the page resets
  2. actually click "Select Plan" in order to get to the next page.

More interesting is the disclaimer at the bottom changes: "All new or transferred prepaid mobile phone accounts are subject to a $39 activation fee in CA."

The 12 months free is for the Texting only plan
100min/Unlimited/500MB is only free the first 3 months.
The other plans are only free for 2 months

The GSM coverage looks like T-Mo to me, but as others have noted there's not a lot of info on the site.

I can't get past the select plan page which isn't a good sign.

Here's some discussion about it on HowardForums:

$39 for me to activate and I'm not in CA.

Did this get resolved?

From what I am seeing the $39 dollar activation fee is for all accounts.
(Looking at regular rate page not the promo one. The CA is probably a typo on the promo page)

What is a deterrent for me from getting this service, even though I already have one, is the lack of info regarding overages.
Are we just suppose to assume that those services will be cut off after limits have been reached?