Trouble Logging into Rewards App

I'm trying to log into the rewards app to send 1 cent to my free account so I wont hear the "balance low" message. However I can't log into the app. Anyone else having this issue? Is there another way to transfer 1 cent?


I will be eager to see if your efforts are 'rewarded' with success in this ?!?

Best Wishes !!

Haven't been able to log into the app for a few days. I just assume it has to do with doing away with the rewards in general but don't really know.

Never heard the "balance low" message here though.

I, too, haven't' been able to log into the rewards app. Another forum member mentioned a week or two ago that he could no longer log into "rewards" to share or transfer money, so it's likely gone for good. Who knows.

I guess I just assumed that access to the rewards app went away when the rewards app went away-- and that the capability of transferring rewards balances went with it. (It should have in any case, once the rewards balance was transferred to an account balance, so there is no rewards balance to share.)

I suppose one might ask CS if they would allow transferring part of the account balance to a different line.

I've never heard the 'low balance' warning. I've always had a rewards balance, or now an account balance, though. I've also always had a credit card attached to the line.

I'm curious if those hearing the warning have a credit card attached?

Same here -- I think it follows that, once Freeup eliminated their rewards program and transferred customers' rewards balances to their accounts, that there would be no point in continuing. Also, the FreeUP Rewards app is now long gone from the Google Play Store, so even if FreeUP wanted to allow rewards or account balance transfers, they could no longer be done via their app.

Because I was one of the luckiest(???) ones when it came to getting credited for rewards (I think I got credited for about 7 coupons total over a 6-month period in spite of multiple attempts almost every day), I never accrued enough to be able to cover the cost for any of their paid plans for any length of time. Therefore, I just stuck with the free plan, which at the time included 500 minutes and/or texts and 100 MB of data. Fortunately for me, FreeUP has not changed my plan so far, and I truly appreciate being "grandfathered". Hope it will stay that way!

I have a CC(and a balance as well) attached to my Free plan, the one I recently heard the warning message on, but I downgraded to this free plan from a paid plan when the coupon rewards program ended. Since I cannot recall FU users reporting this "pay" message on the Free or other plans in the past(although tech-stich said he has occasionly gotten the message), the message seems to be the result of a new glitch, and just another to be added to an already considerable list. Since I rarely use my free plan phone, I can ignore it since I already in effect do.

Pretty sure FU consists of one guy living/working in his mom's basement who spends more time smoking the hippy lettuce than fixing bugs in his system LOL. OTOH the 1000 minutes-or-messages free plan works great on my old non-smart phone :slight_smile: .