My byop phone I'm using with tracfone is malfunctioning. If I buy this qvc tracfone will I be able to transfer minutes etc from my old phone to this new phone and add to the qvc phones allotments."-Smartphone-with-1500-MinTextData.product.E232977.html?sc=IROA&cm_ven=impactradius&cm_cat=affiliate-10451-Slickdeals_LLC-&cm_pla=565130-Online%20Tracking%20Link-&cm_ite=2b616nQTCxyJWlt05-R4sULoUklXWrWx3yAG3E0&ref=IR&clickid=2b616nQTCxyJWlt05-R4sULoUklXWrWx3yAG3E0&irgwc=1

Yes, you can. It's not difficult, but it's important to do it by "transferring" your service from your current phone to the new one. Do not activate the new phone first.

get chat support to confirm your balance first too and take a screenshot. Sometimes things go missing.

Agreed. Do it via online chat.
"I'd like to transfer my existing line of service to a new phone"

"Before we start, could we confirm my existing units and days of service?"

Only then, give them the activation # for the new phone.

While waiting for a reply to one of those steps, click on the "email me a transcript of the chat" button.

When finished, ask for a transaction # for the chat.

The ONLY confirmation of existing units that Tracfone will accept without argument is that transaction #, which allows another agent to look up the chat transcript in their system, if balances should go missing.

For extra insurance, copy and past the chat discussion into a document before closing the chat window-- if that isn't possible, at least write down the transaction #.

Tracfone caught robbing the taxpayers. I wonder if Tracfone's reps also got a commission whenever customer's balances or credits went poof?

Tracfone 1 Year (365 days) 1200/1200/3GB preloaded SIM $29.99 on eBay.

Not a slimy Slim fan but for those looking to add a year to keep an old balance alive this is a new low I believe (not counting all the other various code & multi month stacking tricks that advanced TF players use).

I think this is a quite decent walk through post on SD re the process you need to go through to use a preloaded TF SIM like this deal to extend a current account/#.

One cool cucumber customer making lemonade from lemons but this is the YMMV customer disservice circus $hit that makes any slimy Slim MVNO such a crap shoot. Many of these stories don't end so well but experienced players often prevail.

Always some kind of scam, that's why the fed now just gives money to the super rich instead. Cuts out the middle man - the poor. :wink:

Yes I am not playing such games.