Tracfone unlock success

HSN Moto G power with the bundled annual plan. Unlocked day 360. Of course now the policy has changed but it is nice to see that the phone unlocked as it was supposed to.

Congrats & Happy Christmas !!

My LG Rebel 2 that's locked to Tracfone works on main Verizon and Xfinity Mobile without unlocking.

I think it might be a stretch to expect the Rebel 2 to work on Visible. It's a pretty old, and pretty minimal capability, device. I'm surprised it works on Verizon without unlocking.

Funny coincidence: one of my projects this week is to try to make an unlocked Rebel 3 work with US Mobile Super LTE (Verizon).

I don’t have a Rebel 2 but was more hopeful of more reports of unscheduled unlocks working on Verizon

It won't work with Visible because Visible requires a phone that relies on VoLTE for voice and text. I'm pretty sure the Rebel 2 is LTE data only and operates on 3G CDMA for voice and text. At best, you might be able to get the Rebel 2 to work as an LTE data only mini-tablet.

I believe the Rebel 2 was one of the first Tracfone models that did have Verizon VoLTE. (And it's Verizon only).
FWIW, I just tested a Rebel 3 (unlocked by Tracfone) on US Mobile. Works fine, with VoLTE and CDMA-less. I think the primary difference between the 2 models is memory.

When the Rebel 2 came out, I don't think Tracfone was provisioning for CDMA-less yet, so it might not ever have gotten it on Tracfone unless it was deactivated and re-activated. Honestly, I don't remember with my Rebel 3 was provisioned CDMA-less on Tracfone or not, but I kind of doubt it.

I tested the Tracfone Rebel 2 with a just activated Visible SIM and it didn't work.