Tracfone Rebel 3 bundle $49.95 at HSN today

HSN has a special on the Tracfone Rebel 3 (5", 16gb memory, 2gb RAM) for $49.95, with 1500 min/1500 text/1.5GB/1year of service. (Verizon network) (And yes, those totals are for the entire year, not monthly.)
This is the same price that the Rebel or Rebel 2 has been showing up semi-regularly at HSN or Ebay, but the newer version.

I've signed up for the HSN email list (on a throwaway email), and found a $10 off coupon from 7/2 that worked for this purchase, so $42.88 for me with tax. I'm going to harvest the allotments for my existing Tracfone, and maybe sell the phone on Ebay to recoup some money.