Tracfone now lets you redeem points for phone discounts

20,000 points = $300
17,000 points = $200
14,000 points = $150

​​​There is a $50 and $100 tier as well but can't remember how many points you need.

It states you can add more than one code as long as they are different denominations. But note this is NOT currently true. Only one per order and you can't stack with codes lile SPRING25

Also codes.can't be used against plans if needed as part of the phone order and multiple phones can be added to the cart and the code will apply against all until used up.

Interesting, Net10 has allowed points for devices for a while. Variable value per point, 1PT.= $0.0083 - 0.015, but I'm not sure it is tiered like TF outlined above.**

**ETA - it is tiered as outlined above by mm, also $50 = 6000 pts. $100 = 11000 pts.