Tracfone: new rewards/referral program

Tracfone has started a rewards/referral program. It looks like it will be pretty generous, as are similar programs from other Tracfone Group pvoviders.

It appears that you'll be able to use points to 'purchase' standard refill plans and add-ons, with 1000 points translating to $10. (Don't hold this against me if there is a limited selection, or valuation changes, etc-- it's new, not completely documented, and you can't redeem points until November.)

Although you can earn rewards points just for joining (200 points), and for watching a video, doing a short survey (10-50 points), for adding a monthly plan, etc., the big boost is from using a referral link when signing up.

Here's the important part for current Tracfone users: whether by design or by mistake, the rewards program currently treats existing users just like a new user for rewards purposes. That might change later, so it's probably a good idea to join now if you already have a Tracfone line.

The referral bonus is 5000 points (or up to 8000, if the code supplier has enough successful referrals) for both the code referrer and new user. If the current information holds true, that's enough to pay for 1-4 months of service (depending on the plan), or to add a bunch of data or extra minutes/texts to your line.

The signup process:

Make sure you're not logged in to a current Tracfone online account. (That might cause problems signing up.)

Visit , and enter your phone number, IMEI, or SIM ICCID.

After joining, you'll be prompted to log in to the dashboard. (Using your standard online account username and password-- if you don't already have one, you'll need to create one, but it can be a throwaway email and whatever name you always wish you had. Since I already had an online account, I'm not sure of the process if you prefer not to have an online account.)

When logging into the dashboard, you'll see a field to enter a referral code near the bottom.

My referral points showed up immediately.

You can also earn points (7000) for adding a line to your existing account. (Must stay active for 60 days.)

Some general info:

For those inclined, I'm posting my referral code in the Referrals thread.

I have a tracfone account and was going to sign up with your referral but when I got to this step - logging into the dashboard there was no field to enter a referral code anywhere. Maybe they changed it for existing members? Anyway sorry it signed me up now and I can't add a code.

I have the same situation. No where to put the code. I doubt they already changes the site.

I signed up our second line yesterday, so a sudden change seems unlikely. I'll set up a friend's line today, and see if it's still working the same for me. I have read reports that some users do not see the referral field. (I suppose the usual advice about trying a different browser, disabling pop-up blocker, or logging in on an incognito window might help.)

There is supposed to be a 14 day window to add a referral code after signing up for the program.

Just in case: the process is to sign up for the rewards program first. There isn't a way to enter a referral code at this point. Then, go to your account dashboard, and click on Rewards in the menu ribbon. That's where I see this

No. It doesn't work for me. I got that dialog box just without the last field.
My line has device activation/deactivation a couple times. It is an old line. Not sure if it is the reason.

Tracfone isn't noticed for it's consistency.... it doesn't seem like there's always a reason for anything Tracfone does. Sorry this doesn't seem to be working for you!

Our lines are old, too--at least 6 years old-- and I've changed phones and numbers several times.
I have no reason to suspect it's related, but I'm doing this on a PC, Firefox 78, with no add-blockers.

Did you top up recently? Mine has been 10 months ago or so.

I was inclined thanks to your helpful post! As always, thanks for your contributions! :slight_smile:

No. Both of our lines have had accumulated airtime, mostly from adding one-year bundles when they were attractive. Neither have had airtime added since 14 months ago.

I helped a friend sign up for the Rewards program yesterday. As mmfacemm and ZZWang report, the referral code field was not available. I tried a bunch of stuff, including a direct URL access to what I saw as a 'working' login on my previous account: nothing worked.
So, I tried Tracfone Chat. No luck here, either. The agent kept trying, going away & looking, but returning without success.

First, he said the process was automatic. I asked how it could be automatic if it requires a manual entry of the code?
He seemed to understand that, & checked again: the manual has no information about how an agent can manually enter the referral code.

I might try another agent, or ask on the Tracfone forum. But there may not be an easy way to get a CSR to add this-- and it might be an error that some of us can get it to work on a pre-existing line, instead of an error that some cannot.

In my opinion, still worth trying until you know it fails...

I followed your steps (not be logged) and used a PC that happened to be using Edge as the default browser. I first clicked the joint rewards link which then promted the system to ask for the log in details. Once done, I was greeted with the confirmation and a field at the bottom that allowed the friend referral to be entered.

Something to note, a line had recently been added to that account (the Tello Port). Other lines are present. The system credited points for the line added in the middle of August. This was unexpected but figured share just case it helps anyone figure this one out!

One last thing, other than the standard antivirus, nothing else is present (no blockers of any kind).

Thanks for the details, tech-stitch. I don't have an account with multiple lines, so I can't see how that reacts. I guess it makes (some) sense that it would default to the newest line: and if the intended function is to only allow the bonus to new lines, that makes even more sense.

I'm increasingly of the opinion that browser and blockers aren't the reason some people can't enter a referral code. It may be intentional coding intended to restrict to 'new' lines, and some older lines are (were?) slipping through. The line I enrolled on 9/7 that did not have the referral field was started June 5, 2020. (So past the 30-day window, if that's what they're intending.)

Here's another oddity: although logging into your dashboard allows you to see both your standard account information, and your rewards program information, logging out requires 2 different logout requests. (i.e., if I look at my rewards program info, and log out, I'm still logged in to the main dashboard. To log out completely, I have to click "My Account" again, and repeat the logout request.)

My account is less than a year old. Maybe accounts older than 12 months get to enter a referral?

No my account is about 5 years old.