Tracfone family/ Cyber Monday sale leveraged with Ebates

Most of the Tracfone sister companies have Cyber Monday sales on, which might end tonight.
A number of phones are available at pretty good discounts. (Remember these are all tied to Tracfone, although it seems there are ways to use them across brands-- like using a Simple Mobile or Total Wireless phone on Tracfone.)
Some of the deals are pretty good, but I wouldn't buy a phone by itself from Tracfone unless it's very cheap-- I'm more likely to buy a bundle with a phone and airtime.

But.. Ebates Cyber Monday promo doubles their most recent cashback offers on a number of sites, and the Tracfone family was already at 31% cashback-- so today, at least, it's 62% back.

On straight phone purchases, here's some intriguing ones:
on Tracfone:
Samsung Luna Pro refurb, $25 with $15.50 cash back. ($9.50 after cashback)
Alcatel TLC LX A502DL $25 with $15.50 cash back. ($9.50 after cashback) (I got this one, because it will run on VZW, AT&T, and T-Mo networks with SIM card changes, and it's really cheap....)
LG Premier Pro, Rebel 4, or Stylo 3 ($50 sale price, $19 after cashback)
(The refurb LG Rebel 2 shown on the website for $10 is out of stock if you try to add it to your cart.)

From Simple Mobile's website:
Moto E5. (This is not identical to the standard E5, it's got features from a couple of different E/G models, and is a little stripped down. Still......) Discussion on Howard Forums indicates it can be used on Tracfone, with Vzw, AT&T, or T-Mo SIM (with a little messing with phone settings.) $50 sale price, $19 after cashback

(The LG Premier Pro might also be multi-carrier, judging from the model # suffix, but this is just a guess & I haven't been able to confirm it.....)

The ebates site says the cashback offer includes airtime purchased with a phone-- so it's possible to build your own bundle. The 365 day plan is $125 (1500/1500/1.5gb), which would be $47.50 after cashback, when added to the phone of your choice. The cheapest in stock phone to do this with is a very poorly reviewed refurb Alcatel model priced at $6 when combined with airtime-- or just under $50 after the cashback offer. (But hey, who cares about the phone-- you're just going to harvest the airtime if you use that phone for the bundle.)

I guess you have to trust that ebates will work.
It's not an instant rebate-- you pay the price on the store invoice, and wait for ebates to pay you cashback. Ebates pays quarterly, and the current quarter doesn't end until February.

Note: Only the airtime bundles offered after selecting the phone seem to be possible, and not all cards appear here-- I had thoughts of adding only a data-only cards, or the cheapest 30-day card that included 1gb of data. Unfortunately those aren't on the add-a-plan page, and I couldn't make it work to add them to my cart via a different route. (It's probably risky anyway, since it might put the ebates cashback at risk.)

You have to purchase by signing in to ebates (app or website), search for store, and click though via the ebates link.

Oops, forgot to mention...
If you don't have an ebates account, and you're a CellNuvo user, you might start by swiping right for Super Silver, and signing up for the ebates app offer. 10,400 silver after you load the app and make $25 worth of purchases, plus a $10 cashback bonus from ebates. I think at least one purchase has to be through the app, and it's slow going to get thru the Tracfone family sites via the phone ebates app, but worth it to me.

$20 Mint plus another items of $5 sounds very doable.
So effectively, you actually earn up to $10 ($10 minus taxes on the Mint card) from doing this.