Tracfone deal - Rebel 2 + 1200mins/texts/data + 1 year $39.95

Tracfone rebel 2 with 1200 mins/texts/data + one year of service.

$49.95 - $10 with code (Coupon code: 176421)

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Even without the coupon, this is a very good deal for a low-unit user, or a backup phone.
I took advantage of a similar deal a while back and paid $42.xx.
The phone is on the Verizon network. I think it's pretty much unbeatable for that combination. (But.... consider the included phone forever locked to Tracfone.)

For those not familiar with Tracfone, you can also bring your own phone, or in this case swap out to your own phone, if you have one you prefer. You can change networks to AT&T or T-Mo in the process, if desired (but need a new $1 SIM).

Thanks for the post!:wink:
I believe that if you move to an area without verizon, tracfone will send you a different providers phone,
Is this still true?

Great deal!

Can you use this to add the time/minutes on to an existing TracFone account?

You can, if you do it in the correct order.
The new bundle must be activated by transferring your old line to the new phone-- basically a device "swap'. Your remaining minutes, days, etc., will move to the new bundle phone, and the bundled minutes/days will be added when the switch takes place. After that is done successfully, you can even switch back to your old phone if desired.

What you cannot reliably do is combine the minutes from 2 already active lines-- so you do not want to activate the bundled phone first.

joseph, if you decide to do this, post your intention here, and I can provide a link with steps to follow. It's important to use Tracfone Chat during the process, so that you can document your existing minutes/days in case something goes wrong in the process.

KentE, yes, I'd like to follow your suggestion and go ahead with this idea.


joseph, I just looked at the link for this deal, and the bundle is sold out.
Similar deals appear from time to time at,,, and via Tracfone's factory Ebay store (seller ID: tracfonewireless ) .

Keep your eyes open for a deal that looks attractive to you. (They usually only last for a few days.)
Prepaid Phone News will list HSN Tracfone deals if the timing is right, but miss specials sometimes when they only last a few days.

If you find a good deal, don't hesitate to pick it up. The transfer process will definitely work, and I'll provide a link then..

I bought basically this same deal from HSN a few months ago, and a $50 package with a 5.5" ZTE from Evine about a month ago, so similar deals will crop up again. I've bought from the Tracfone Ebay Store, too.

Some of the best current offers are
QVC: Rebel 2 with 1500/1500/1500 for $60 (higher price, more units)
HSN: Luna Pro 5" with 1200/1200/1200 for $80. (A much better phone-- probably the best phone Tracfone currently sells.)
Ebay: Rebel (the earlier version, not the Rebel 2) with 1200/1200/1200 for $50
Ebay: ZTE ZMax Champ (5.5") w/ 1350/1350/1350 for $60

HSN is easier to find discount codes for than the other 2 sellers. You can usually get a 15% discount code for signing up for their daily emails. (Don't use your regular email account!)

Most of the current Tracfones don't use the Triple-Minutes cards anymore-- they only use the smartphone-only cards. Sometimes this works to your advantage, sometimes not. But, if you're moving from a Triple-Minutes phone, and usually buy 30-, 60-, or 90-cay cards, this will be a change.

So could someone then swap a Moto G5 (with the right SIM) into the account? Effectively getting the deal and also BYOD?

Sure, shouldn't be a problem. (Well, considering it's Tracfone, where everything is just a little more complicated......)
As a general rule, you could BYOD in any MVNO-eligible AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon device. If you don't already have a Tracfone line, just activate the bundle as a new line, and then swap to BYOD with a BYOD SIM. (kits usually available for $1).

With Tracfone AT&T, you can just hot-swap SIMs to a different phone if you want-- and this may work with Tracfone VZW, too. BUT-- Tracfone does track all Tracfone-branded ESNs, and tie them to the original SIM, so if you decide to hot-swap SIMs you have to hold on to the original Tracfone device the SIM came in. (If you sell the phone while still using the same SIM in a different phone, and the new owner activates the phone on Tracfone again, your account will be closed.)

@KentE & All:

Any good current TracFone deals you guys are aware of?


Tracfone's Ebay Store has the best bundled deals right now-- $50 for a Samsung Galaxy Luna (J1) with 1200/1200/1200/360 days, or a LG Rebel 2 with the same bundle at the same price. (The Luna might be better build quality, but 4.5" while the Rebel 2 is 5")

There's a ZTE 5 model at the same price, too.

If Ebay has another site-wide discount day, those usually work on Tracfones.

For a step up, has the Samsung Luna Pro (larger screen, more memory, later design) for $88+ $6 shipping, but I see a pop-up on the home page offering a 15% off coupon for signing up on their mailing list-- IF it works on phones, it would bring it down to about $79, with 1500/1500/1500/360 days.

The 'usual suspects' for Tracfone bundles are Tracfone Ebay Store, HSN, QVC, Evine. Usually Ebay or HSN will have the cheapest bundle, but not always. If you're in the market, it pays to check a couple of times a week since specials come & go quickly on HSN/QVC. Both HSN and QVC have offers for signing up for the email list, the discount varies, and sometimes the code works on phones, sometimes not.

(The official Tracfone Ebay Store is user ID: tracfonewireless )