Tracfone 1 year plan

$49 plan if you can live with 3GB data for a year.

Thanks! This looks like a good option for me, and is over twice the data usually available on Tracfone 365-day plans.

I bought it. Thanks.

3hig per month or for entire year?

It's for the year.

Will the Verizon Prepaid Moto E4 phones that we all bought for $30 work with a TracFone SIM or does Verizon take umbrage with that?

Great deal for those that do not use the phone and/or data much. Got two (AT&T and Verizon) to move out two of the family members with relative low usage from Metro now that the CellNuvo / Swipir performance has been consistently low (albeit it seems Swipir is picking up). Thanks!

It should not work, if you haven't done the time on Verizon Prepaid. (The ebay unlocks only unlocked GSM.) Certainly it will not activate as a new line activation, since you have to enter the IMEI on a new Verizon network line for whitelist check, and it will fail at that point.

You might get away with using it if you swap an already-activated verizon SIM into the Moto, thereby bypassing the whitelist check at activation. Verizon can, and does, check for this from time to time. Some folks report being able to use a still-indentured VZW prepaid phone this way for a long time-- some have had their lines blocked.

Can this plan be added to an existing Tracfone line?

Where does one purchase this offer?

I notice that the product packaging says "$5/month". I don't quite understand how a monthly fee is applicable to this.

It also apparently indicates that it includes a SIM card. In which case, presumably, the included allotments are attached to the included SIM; thus requiring a new activation. I would assume that one could, after activating on a new phone, then transfer the minutes/texts/data from the newly activated phone to an existing Tracfone line (using the previously discussed procedure with a live customer service agent.) Obviously one would need an available/unused Tracfone-compatible (Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile) phone to make the initial activation.

I asked tracfone if I can add this deal to my existing allotments .

"We are pleased to inform you that the plan can be added to your existing
phone. However, you have to make sure that you will use the bundled SIM
card in the phone."

@joseph, The $5/mo is just a price reference-- there is no monthly charge.

Mark & Joseph, you're both on the right track. The allotments are attached to the SIM itself. To add it to an existing line, you have to transfer your line to the the new SIM-- you can then transfer back to your original phone if you desire, even if it's not compatible with the new SIM.

Tracfone only requires registering an IMEI for a BYOP SIM on the Verizon network. In theory, you could order this in AT&T or T-Mobile, and activate the SIM without having a compatible phone-- and then a couple of days later transfer back to the phone you were using previously. (If your phone is AT&T or T-Mo eligible, and you want to be on one of those carriers, you could just use the new SIM with your old phone.)

I'm not familiar with Verizon's IMEI registration protocol-- I don't know if you can register an IMEI with a new SIM while it's already active on a different SIM on the Verizon network. Does anyone know? (I know you can't normally do this on the Sprint network.....)

I see it has a sim preloaded with the minutes. Has anyone activated this plan keeping an already existing tracfone phone number?
Thanks in advance.

Based on my Tracfone experience, and the reply Mark got from CS: yes, as long as you do it carefully and in the correct order.

You must NOT activate the pre-loaded SIM as a first step-- it may be problematic to combine the 2 lines after both are active
. Instead, you will "transfer" your existing line of service to the new pre-loaded SIM. This will move your number, and any remaining service days/units to the new SIM, and add that to the bundled time/units. I recommend doing this via online Chat, and not via the self-service dashboard or over the phone. (The reason is that you want to leave a trackable record of what should transfer over.)

As I mentioned above, the possible catch is if your existing line is Verizon-network, and the pre-loaded SIM is also Verizon network, and you want to use the same phone. I do not know if an active VZW phone can be directly move from one SIM to another.

A little more (foggy) information about if this offer can be used to add directly to a current line.....
Some folks on Howard Forum (tracfone subforum), and Turk Forums (Tracfone specific forum) have reported that if you select "I don't know" for carrier from the original Ebay listing, or buy this parallel listing that does not offer an option of specifying carrier,!70605!US!-1
you will receive a 3-carrier SIM kit and a separate refill card. At least some users have reported being able to add that refill card directly to an existing Tracfone line, without having to do the dance of transferring service to the new SIM. (The logic is that the service time & units cannot be directly tied to the SIM as delivered, if you order a multi-carrier SIM package......)

Some, but far from all, folks who have bought carrier-specific SIMs have also reported receiving a SIM+ refill card. I wouldn't count on this happening, but if you've already ordered a carrier-specific SIM & received a SIM+refill card bundle, you might be able to use the refill card directly on an existing line. The reports indicate YMMV on this, though.

Easy peasy. Ordered the ebay plan got it 2 days later. Went on tracfone .com chat . Verified my minutes. Then told them my pin number from card they sent plus my telephone #. Agent put on card allotments for another year on my phone with minutes etc all added on to my old plan. Verizon coverage. Didn't even have to change sim. Best deal I've seen for tracfone cards. Tracfone is great for small users or people that have access to wifi. Great extra phone.

Great, Mark! Did you order a carrier-specific SIM, or one of the "I-don't-know" options?

I dont know option. They send 3 sims for att tmobile verizon. But didnt use any . I used the sim that's been in my byod phone for about 4 years

I helped out my in-law with the AT&T sim order. In this case, just a SIM came over to which service was moved to. This was unlike the Verizon specific order which came with both a sim and a card that apparently has the minutes and service tied to it (Based on the wording). Anyway, the transfer was easy and with a chat rep. They moved all existing allotments to the new card once activated as well.