On March 11th, in response to user requests, you said

To date, this pop up hasn't been removed. Do you anticipate it being removed any time in the near future? It's quite an annoyance.

Is it necessary to have a mandatory update notice appear when the app version being used is the updated app? Would be nice if this annoyance could be removed too.

In your post discussing the many changes to the way Cellnuvo operates, you mentioned new ads and higher returns. When can we expect those to appear?

Got one for Tom as well.

Both my Swipir and CellNUVO apps were "temporarily disabled". The Swipir app with about 7000 points(7 bucks) was going again no problem. But amazingly my CellNUVO account with about 400,000 points on it is still not working. I'm hoping it's just a coincidence and not some sinister plan to keep the money we earned by swiping away.

My cellnuvo account that got disabled had a lot of points in it and it got reactivated so you should be fine. Just keep pushing support to get it fixed if they are being slow.

Most certainly my plan, good to know it'll probably get going again.

On May 1st, users began reporting instances of accounts being blocked/suspended. This was attributed to a system "glitch." Despite having contacted support, some are still encountering blocked accounts. Is there any way for Cellnuvo to release the remaining blocked accounts in one full swoop?

Just got the CellNUVO app working again.No ads but at least I was able to put in a point swap for most of my points so now I wait.

Wow congrats with $400 that is a ton. I am jealous

Was aiming a little higher until the earnings dried up, now I just plan to get what I can.Should pay for a good part of a new Samsung.

Which Samsung? J7 is affordable.

Did you do 4 month swap?

Already using a dual-sim J7 so was looking at S8+ or possibly S9. Still undecided.

Yep. 4 month swap.

If you're listening, would be nice to see more earning opportunities (on both apps).

Absolutely nothing has changed since this thread was started. As it stands, it appears we were lied to.

Nothing about the Cellnuvo app changes benefit users. That said, the least you can do is eliminate the social media post requirement. I don't know how others feel about it, but I am NOT inclined to announce to the world that I won a few pennies, just to be able to collect those few pennies.
Actually, it's embarrassing. Stop this requirement and just add the measly few cents to the winner's account.