Tom any update on the new update!

When will it come out? We all thought this week?

What makes it different then the old updates?

Will there be higher paying silver ads? The new tightening of the silver rates makes it very difficult to earn silver. Anything that you can do to make this better like the old days?

Our time is also valuable.

And when you have to spend much more time for what you used to receive before. It just gets frustrating.


It is slated for this week, final testing has not uncovered any significant issues - so still on target for this week. Only issue would be if we don’t final our testing by Thursday AM we will push release until Monday as we do not like releasing updates over the weekend Right now seems good, but I know as soon as I say we are good, something will break and I’ll have a few dozen emails from the folks here if we miss that deadline (you can always email me with any thoughts comments suggestions or problems I’m providing this information to provide greater transparency- we want you to know what’s going on, and want to be better sharing updates.

We are enhancing opportunities to earn silver. Those opportunities will grow every day.


We have all noticed that you have really paying attention to our suggestions and comments. Much appreciated

Support service has gotten much better than before. The addition of Amazon and annual plans it's a huge step forward.

Also you might consider for the future so that people spend on whatever they want on Amazon period instead of just one phone a year. Being able to spend $100 a month on Amazon for everything that you wanted. Would be a giant step in the right direction. In my opinion

We know

We understand

We are working on this

It’s important for us to get this done.

Also do you think you can open up the annual plans to Semi Annual plans

Red pocket doesn't offer a 500 talk text and data plan in the annual plan on Amazon only semi annual. I know that somebody asked support and they said no. But I was wondering if this would be possible?

Unless you can contact red pocket and ask them to make the 500 talk text and data plan into an annual plan on Amazon. Since they do have it on eBay. Speaking of will it ever be possible for cellnuvo to be used with eBay?

Update today?

From CN "We are doing one last server side test then it will be pushed out. "





Still no update?

Hope it is as good as the hype

I'm ready for it. My app keeps crashing from the girl on cube cube that won 52000.

Did not see that one

How much silver?

I think it's 5 point but 30 seconds. I'm getting silver dollar city for 15 silver sometimes

My CellNuvo app's Store section has an expanded list of payees for monthly bills, inicluding Boost, Cricket, MetroPCS, Total Wireless, & both annual & monthly for Red Pocket, in addition to the big 4. Anyone else see that?

Yes, I see that also.

So when we getting this update?