Told you so

Remember a couple years back when CellNuvo "lost" our numbers and switched to the RedPocket partnership? I reported that it was due to nonpayment to Sprint... and was disbelieved.

I warned you that that CellNuvo was a scam. MULTIPLE TIMES over the years in fact. Yet the overwhelming response was that I was trolling, or harbored some bizarre vendetta.

Now look at you. All butthurt that you're not getting your payouts after spending hundreds of hours helping CN rake in untold thousands of dollars in advertising $$. Tom is laughing his way to the bank at your gullibility. Yes folks, money matters more than integrity to the majority of businesses. It's the natural consequence of a society fueled by greed.

Maybe next time you'll think twice about maintaining blind faith in a company which has proven to be untrustworthy. But those of you who held out sincere hope up until recently are probably lost causes anyway... have fun getting scammed again in the future. Wells Fargo and your local cable company will be happy to do business with you.

No one likes a "I told you so"
It is rude and personal.

I bet people can dive into your life and do the same.

If you have any real evidence that the previous issue was due to non-payment to Sprint, please produce it. You've said this before, and failed to provide any backup before. To the best of my knowledge, that is not what happened. CellNuvo did not have a direct MVNO relationship with Sprint.

Most businesses that fail are not scams, they're failures. I see plenty of evidence of a failure, and no particular evidence of "a scam".

Right on!

I haven't been following the CellNUVO story at all. (Mainly because I don't like to have to engage in whatever miscellaneous activities to keep cellphone service active. With RingPlus you could do what's needed to get the service and then forget it, with the service remaining active.)

Did CellNUVO explode like RingPlus? Was it a business failure or was it an ethics failure?

No one knows for sure

So far last week's

1). No payments
2) no answering of emails from support,tom, or Stephanie some auto replies though.
3) new swap system now showing all zeros as in you can't convert your points.
4) swipr app is no longer in play store. This is after Tom asked/told everyone to use it months ago.
5) little to no ads. No money coming in.

Basically no pay, no communication.

Also many did the 4 month swap due July.

So if they go BK and disappear. I guess now is good as any.

I made plenty of money with CellNUVO but I've still got a fair chunk on the table, too. My favorite phone was purchased with CellNUVO earnings, and quite a few cellphone bills, as well.

If I lose what's left I'll be disappointed, but not "butt hurt." Life goes on.

Totally agree. It is natural to be disappointed to lose any money. I can be disappointed if that happens and yet be very happy with all the carrier payments and phone purchases that came through in 2018. It was a great year for cellnuvo in 2018 and people like amiintoodeep were calling cellnuvo a scam through all of that too! Eventually good things will come to an end and businesses will either fail or adapt.

It is sad that everything went wrong in 2019. It appears to me that they lost their main ad provider and that basically crippled them. I don't think we will ever know the real reason why that happened. It does highlight the need not to have all your eggs in one basket.

Who knows maybe they can turn it around and adapt. They have done it before. But total silence is not the way to go about that. If cellnuvo wants us to stick around through the hard times they need to be more open about what is happening. Else we will all simply move on to the next thing. I am willing to stick around if treated fairly but right now that is not happening.

Sounds like someone does not understand what the word scam means.

noun [ C ] US ​ /skæm/ infml

a dishonest or illegal plan or activity, esp. one for making money

Their business model was not illegal. All businesses are out to make money. As was said earlier, this seems more like a failing/failed business venture, as I personally was able to get cell phone service (even after the switch to RedPocket, I got almost 2 years of service, not including the service before that). This is similar to the short lived NadaMobile where they also had you watch ads for money to pay for your cell phone service. It is a tough business model and few will survive. In the 90's there were several companies that paid you to watch ads and I probably made hundreds or even a few thousand off of that before they all went out of business. As it stands now, the only "recent" business that is still going and is well known is probably Swagbucks (although there are other similar companies, such as iRazoo, Gifthulk, etc, they just aren't as big a name).

This thread was made for clickbait purpose.

For his ammusment. Nothing more.

He is perfect so he can say " I told you so" NOT!

"Was it a business failure or was it an ethics failure?"

Seemingly, both, for somehow Tom(CN) went from a caring, communicative person while CN was hopefully making money to the uncommunicative, uncaring, and possibly unethical person he is today while the business is floundering, if it actually is.

If I would have listened to that stupid advise I would not have been able to earn and spend over a thousand dollars. Here's laughing at you kid.

In light of CN canceling all swaps, I would say CN became a scam after they updated the app this year. They misled us into waiting for 4 or 9 months when they already knew the end was near.