Toilet paper shortage

With the recent toilet paper shortage I checked ebay to see what people were trying to earn off this scarce commodity. Seems like someone decided to really make some money and sell them by the square...

3 sold! Hurry before they run out :unsure:

Sad, one too many bottom feeders come out of the woodworks during dire times.

This is pathetic. These people should be ashamed of themselves.


Shopper is mugged for his toilet paper in broad daylight outside London shop as supermarkets across Britain have shelves stripped bare amid coronavirus panic
Mar 2020, updated 10:25 15 Mar2020
Dinendra was leaving a Savers store in Harringay, north London, around 3.30pm
Someone ran up behind him and snatched 1 of the 2 toilet rolls he was carrying
He was left 'shaken' but insists 'it's not the value of the toilet roll, its the principle'

It's not safe out there shopping for toilet paper.

Stay safe :relaxed:

Now, this is getting serious!

What did the Romans do?

Maybe some can invent the 3 seashells. From that Stallone movie


Rolling with lots of rolls. Lots of evidence for the upcoming trial.

... the next Fast and Furious movie.

Cheaper than a case of TP?

20% for used TP? :wink:

Police arrest three 'bog roll bandits' with a van full of toilet rolls after burglary and post pictures of their triumph captioned #ThatsHowWeRoll
By Tom Pyman 14:26 21 Mar 2020

Police called after reports of a vehicle smashing through building site barrier
Officers found the suspects within just 30 minutes in Hatfield Peverel, Essex
Men aged 28, 37 and 41 remain in custody accused of vehicle theft and burglary.

A lot of third-world countries don't use toilet papers, they use water! What's the big deal about a shortage of TP. Jump in the shower after done or use water! Don't need to act like animals in this time of crisis. What you need is enough soap and water. This is a virus pandemic so water should be plentiful and be able to get from our faucet, unlike in earthquake or hurricane....wash hands often with soap and water, use knuckles (back of your hand) to press elevator's buttons, social distancing like six feet or more from others.

Unfortunately, a lot of developing countries, do not have access to clean water.

Nostradamus of Toilet Tissue Shortages?

"I am not the Nostradamus of toilet paper shortages!" Gersten retorted.

Toilet paper???
" He doesn't know how to use the three seashells"

He bought that stuff to gouge resell it. When he found out Amazon,eBay ,Walmart. ECT cracked down on this nonsense.

He tried to return it. I agree, blank him

Coronavirus hoarder tries to return $10,000 worth of goods to Adelaide supermarket