TMo's Drive device - Chat told me it can be re-used - is that true?

So TMo's online Chat told me that the free Drive device that they used to give out can be passed on to a friend, and then the friend can re-set the sim by going online, and get 30GB for 30 days, like the original promo offer.

Which got me pretty excited, because I have friends who could use such an offer, so of course I asked the rep for the website where the sim could be reset.

Chat rep gave me: Free 30-Day Trial with Test Drive® | App & Hotspot Device | T-Mobile and Free 30-Day Trial with Test Drive® | App & Hotspot Device | T-Mobile. Checked them out, and they're no good - nowhere to reset the sim. Told that to the Chat rep, who apologized and didn't have any further suggestions for me.

So now I'm left feeling frustrated, just like I always feel at the end of every Chat session. Any ideas on whether the Chat rep was just mouthing off, or if there's really such a thing as re-setting the sim so that 30GB can be squeezed out of the Drive again?

Thanks for listening!

It appears they temporarily stopped the program due to covid-19.

Was it possible to re-set the sim and reuse the Drive device prior to Covid-19? Would love to know if anyone has done that successfully.

No, what they would do is send a new sim to be used in the hotspot.

I never actually did it, but as I recall when they first offered this, the web page said you could pass the device to a friend who could request a new SIM to start their own test drive. Web page no longer mentions passing it to a friend now, so not sure what's up with that.