tmobile esim

lately I have difficult to using freedompop number to transfer to a new carrier since they don't support for "free accounts" anymore, they don't answer and supply account number and pins for transfer, it does shows the pin my freedompop web page.

I saw somewhere that the tmobile esim can be reuse, is that mean I order one from ebay and keep use that esim to transfer numbers from one carrier to another carrier?

anyone has experience on how to do that?

This link may help with porting out from Freedompop. I'm not familiar with esims.

some of my freedompop account does shows the pin. some even shows the pin but it doesn't work. I have to make a support ticket and they answer it, but lately they don't allow to make support tickets for free accounts.

As I understand, your account shows both your pin# and your account# (Which is your phone#) and after you have given that information to the carrier you want to port your number to, the port will not go through? Does the carrier you're porting to want more information even though they have your pin and account numbers? Freedompop does say that you'll have to contact them to port if your account has been dormant.

Porting out from FreedomPop free accounts works fine. Unfortunately, it takes as many as 5 days. Be patient-- but it should work.