Tmobile connect $15 plan with 2gb to launch wednesday (25th March)

Great deal coming Wed 25th March. (Prepaid)

$15 + tax for 2gb and you can get an additional 500mb each year for the next 5 years as a loyalty bonus

$25 for 5gb.

Metro is offering the $15 plan including tax/fees BUT only first 2 mo. then they migrate you to $30/mo.

This was according to Dennis B. at prepaidcompare.
"Update Per T-Mobile PR:
Taxes and fees are NOT included in T-Mobile prepaid's but are in Metro's plan
Metro's plan is temporary. After two months from activation, customers on the $15 plan will be migrated to Metro's $30 plan.
Initially Metro's plan will only be available in stores, online availability "shortly"."

Yes but the tmobile connect plan is not just for 2 months bit a permanent price.

AT&T has fired back.

$15/mo. (taxes/fees??? my guess extra), 2GB softcapped so they bested tmo there by not hardcapping but att is not growing monthly data allotment by .5gb / yr.

Limited time but no end date stated apparently and I have no idea if they would grandfather you onwards when/if they end the offer so tmo has more certainty on that count.

Att plan can be had by existing customers/lines, I'm pretty sure tmo cannot, new lines only for tmo.

Cricket is offering the same.

Nice. Maybe sprint can bring back the $15 kickstart too...

I happen to have switched my main line to Cricket for a month beginning 2 days ago, under their base $30 2gb plan. I was intending to switch my line again to the Sprint $300 GC deal in about a week. Today, however, Cricket gave me an extra 10gb to work with.

What plan does Sprint require you to get? The Kickstart plan is $35/mo + tax & fee and is 'unlimited' but with no hotspot data.

Some updates re att & Cricket

Best MVNO re att:
"Update: 3/27/2020 - AT&T Prepaid announced more details about the plan which you can purchase here. Additional details about the plan are that it includes Rollover data, unlimited texting to over 100 countries, ability to stream videos in 1080p and mobile hotspot."

So att doesn't offer the annual .5gb bump to your monthly data allotment that tmo does but in addition to being softcapped (vs. Tmo hardcap) att will rollover any leftover high speed data allotment.
Anyone know how long the rollover data is good for? Years ago on att postpaid it was 12 mo.
EDIT - 30 day rollover
Rollover Data®: Unused high-speed data from your plan rounds up to the nearest megabyte (MB) and carries over for one 30-day renewal when your plan renews on time. Unused Rollover Data automatically expires after one renewal period, or with any plan change (such as changing data amounts, cancellation, or balance expiration). Rollover Data is used after your monthly high-speed plan allowance or any Data Add-On."

Best MVNO re cricket:

Re tax & fees best guess is none added on cricket but are added to att $15.

Now Boost Mobile is in on the action. First 2 mos @ 15.00 per month then goes back to 30.00 per month

I don't know why these providers think they will entice people to switch with a 2 month discount only when others are offering similar plans long term.

Agree. Metro is the same I’d go with cricket on this deal, as there is a good possibility that this plan could be grandfathered when this promo ends

It's my understanding that the T-Mobile deal is permanent and all the others are "Limited-Time" ....don't think folks are reading the fine print! Thanks again mmfacemm.

Cricket texted someone saying the $15 will end 14 July. Very disappointing.

so the $15 Cricket plans aren't being grandfathered. What about the same plan on main AT&T prepaid? I got one of those SIMs but wasn't planning to activate until early next week.

According to a post in this thread at&t is ending same date, not grandfathering.

any announcement for ATT version of same plan?

Same thing is happening with the AT&T plan. Existing customers will be moved to a $30 2GB plan after July 14th."[/i]

How long after purchase do you have to activate the t-mobile 15$ connect plan plan?

Thank you in advance.

I don't know the answer to that exact question: but the T-Mobile $15 Connect plan isn't going away. There shouldn't be any reason to purchase it in advance of need.