Tivo Stream 4k

I have a mostly positive opinion of this Android TV streaming device that has Chromecast built-in.

One thing I just realized, today, is that I can connect it to my phone's hotspot and cast to it from that same phone.

I seem to remember that, in most cases, the Chromecast and the casting device have to be connected to a common third device but, in this case, the phone is able to be the hotspot AND the casting device.

That makes for a very compact and simple setup.

While an Android TV device is very capable and the Chromecast capability might not seem very important, there are many times when I prefer to cast from my phone rather than install a particular app on the streaming device.

Correct re my old Roku.

Phone uses cell data (hotspot button on it creates wifi)
Roku's uses wifi
If phone were to use any wifi, cell data would stop