Ting pre-loaded SIMs at Best Buy

I had to pick up an order at Best Buy this morning, and noticed that Ting SIMs with credit included are on sale.
The SIM with $30 account credit is currently $4.99.
The SIM with $60 account credit is currently $19.99

These are GSM (T-Mo) SIMs, and the account credit is only good for new accounts.
In case someone isn't familiar with Ting's billing system, you pay for what you use at the end of the month-- no fixed allotments, although you can set limits for each bucket if you want.

Bonus for any nth member who DMs me: If you buy a Ting SIM from Best Buy and activate it, I'll credit back your purchase price as Ting credit when you forward me the BBY receipt. I know it's not much (usually $10, on sale for $5 right now), but that makes it effectively free to get the SIM, free to activate and with the $30 credit (not stackable with referral credit offers) free to try for the first month. Just make sure you understand our rate structure, see Ting Mobile: Choose a smarter mobile plan.

Alternately, if the Best Buy stores around you don't carry our SIM (check bestbuy.com first before you go looking), I can duplicate this offer with a GSM SIM sent to your home, no cost to you, and you can use anyone's referral or promo link to sign up. I won't drop any in here, because that's tacky.

You are an amazingly good ambassador for Ting. You're truly helpful, here, and on other forums.

Thanks for being part of our community!

Is this offer still valid for Nth Circle users? Expect many folks needing to leave Sprint as their 1 yr free ends Jan 31. Best Buy has the SIM for $10 (no more sale) now.

Yep. It's a standing offer.