Ting Feb promos - add one line free for life ($6 fee waived), $50 with free sim

Received two emails with some decent promos:

  1. Add a line and get the line fee waived for life. Saves $6 a month. Ends Feb 17th
    I like this promo as the line fee is what has always put me off Ting.


  1. $50 with a free sim.
    There is no link for this one so YMMV. They might have sent it to me as I have an account but no lines.

"Try Ting today
Call our team and we’ll send you a free Ting SIM along with $50 in Ting credit to get started. Get in touch with us at 1(855)-996-9898"

They seem willing to do it by email as well.

I like the add a line promo.

I got e-mails for both these promos too. My interpretation of the add a line promo was a little different - that you need to have a line open and then if you add another line, you won't have to pay $6 per month for that second line. Which is not very attractive.

you are correct, also what usage is Ting good for?
Low usage- bad deal as Tello is better.
Medium and high usage almost anyone else is better.

Yes you don't get anything off the first line. When you add a line to an existing account you get that one free. Or if you are new open two and get one free.

It can make a significant difference, and make Ting competitive for the right users. Ting's rate structure works best with more than one user on an account, and with the users either staggered in their needs, or with some users with minimal needs. With the $6 charge removed from an additional line (which is also the way I'm reading it), it might be possible to add that second (or third) line for essentially no cost.

For me (first line), I could fit into the 1000mb/500min/1000text rate with room to spare, and a $36 price tag. That's high.. I could easily tuck my wife's line in without increasing any of the bucket sizes. $36 for my line + my wife's line is much more manageable, since I'd probably be paying $8-15 for her line elsewhere.

As a comparison, Twigby is probably the closest competitor with Sprint + Verizon roaming. Ignoring their temporary 25% discount, my line would run $17 at Twigby, and my wife's $15, and we're leaving plenty of unused allotments on the table each month. Total $32 at Twigby vs $37 at Ting. Still a little higher, but not drastically so-- and you get Ting's legendary customer service included..
(I didn't look at GSM pricing-- the math might be considerably different, but the concept remains the same.)

Yep, I got this email offer on a registered email without a line.

You just made my point for me.
In virtually all usage instances Ting is a bad value proposition.
Even with the promo.

The free line offer would be interesting if it hadn't required maintaining another paid line.

Just ordered my SIM via online chat. The $50 is usable immediately, so can pay 1st bill, however not for taxes and fees...

GSM SIM should arrive next week and does not really have a special deadline. Activating anytime in 2019 should be fine.

I missed this whole thread because I took a week of vacation. Bah.

Still willing to answer questions on this if you have any. [strike]I'm not familiar with the $50 promo but I think it was a sales-team-only promo. I'm verifying with them now, if any of you are waiting for that one.[/strike] Can confirm the $50 promo is a targeted offer for an account with no lines. Not a standard promo.