Ting crackdown

Yesterday, Ting just reversed over $200 referral credit in my account and cancelled 3 phone numbers that I have in the account. Is this a technical glitch (unlikely since reversal was done $25 at a time for multiple times) or are they doing this system wide? Ting is just waiting for law suits for cancelling customers phone numbers without any communication.

The only time I've noticed similar complaints is after Ting has taken over customers from another company, and offered some special promo plan in the process. It seems to happen most often when one individual moves multiple lines to separate Ting accounts.

We saw something similar when Ting took on RingPlus customers, and some were quite upset about it.

There is a discussion on Ting/Reddit right now about similar cases:

(Edit: I don't want to make a mistake paraphrasing the Ting Rep's response in that thread-- probably better to follow the link and read through it.)

I do not know if any of that applies to you Zubrin, and I'm certainly not implying that it does. I'd reach out to Ting for an explanation, and explain your thoughts if you don't think the removal applies to your situation.

Regardless of whether or not the credits were reversed, it seems excessive to cancel lines without notice. It would make more sense to suspend lines while giving the customer time to make payment if such is due, and I would definitely expect to be notified of the issue with enough leadtime to react

I do see that a Ting Rep in the thread linked above says that one similar account was 'suspended', which should be different than 'cancelled', as the number itself should be safe, and should be unsuspended if any balance due is paid. I believe FTC rules also allow porting out a number even with a balance due.

You are definitely correct, this clause was explicitly to prevent any carrier from holding numbers hostage.

Suspensions are all done by people (not robots) after careful consideration of the facts as they pertain to our terms of use at ting.com/terms

I know those sound like weasel words, but I absolutely don't want to get into account specifics in a public forum, because that's not how we roll. In these instances, there's almost ALWAYS more to the story than is stated by OP, but we'll never air dirty laundry.

In the case of the above-mentioned Reddit thread, I reviewed the case and the decision made by our team carefully and was comfortable with the decision the team made. There's just a lot of moving parts that go into determining if a user is attempting to game the system with self-referrals, number generation or de- and re-activations, among other terms violations.

Suspension is usually the end game. If a user decides they want to port, they can reach out at help@ting.com to have the suspension lifted to port the numbers out if necessary. Cancellation is reserved for egregious cases.

Again, though, the details of OPs case are not something we (Ting) discuss publicly. OP, if you'd like me to take a look at your case and make sure it wasn't just a miscommunication, please send me a DM here with your Ting email address.

I DM you. There was no communication from Ting side. A courtesy email may prevent the same thing happening again.

Hope it gets sorted out. I've used Zubrin's codes before not for Ting but others. You can get a lot of referrals via the internet these days without it being abuse.

Thanks for jogging my memory. Although my plans changed at the last minute, I had planned on using a referral code from Zubrin for an other-than-Ting signup, too. Zubrin went out of his/her way to give me information about service through that provider (via PM), and to make sure I understood several things.

Ting does seem to have a policy in place against referrals gained from random internet postings of a referral code, while many MVNOs do not. It's worth noting that there is a significant difference between randomly posting a referral code, and acting as a valid ambassador for a provider through activity via a forum-- Zubrin definitely would have deserved that referral credit had I signed up.

I like to think you guys and gals here at nth can trust me when I say I talked directly with the person who approved this suspension and I reviewed the details of the case. I am comfortable with the decision they made. As expected, there's way more to this story than is in the OP, but I'm not about to dig into account details, because we don't do that.

I'm fine being the Ting punching bag here, but we're sophisticated enough to detect when we believe the referral program is being abused, and reserve our right to act per our terms of service.

To clarify, forum referrals are NOT considered abuse and are NOT one of the reasons we would suspend or cancel an account. That's not what happened here. We actively encourage legitimate online referrals, including those posted here, on Reddit, on Twitter, Facebook and your own websites.

Sorry that happened zubrin. Ting had some other referral dealings with others where they screwed people. Some on this forum.

Ting took over my freedompop account but they don't want to give me credit for top up I bought at freedompop for overages protection. Which i paid $20 and $40 for in last year. That translates to $311 of top up credit. They want your account but don't want the obligation. Sweet deal. How these companies get away with this I'll never know. But its criminal. Stay away.

TING says
"All credits, plans, or balances remain with FreedomPop and we would not have access to any of that information. "

In other words your F$$ked

Mark, I can't object to your last-line analysis. ("In other words.....)

But FreedomPop took your money for those top-ups, and FreedomPop kept your balance when they sold the CDMA userbase to Ting. I agree that someone should refund it, but you're much more likely to succeed in going after FreedomPop.

That's the problem. Freedompop put it off on ting. Now ting says other way. In other words, your ...

Ray S. (FreedomPop)

Jul 30, 14:56 PDT

Thank you for contacting FreedomPop I apologize for any confusion in your attempts to contact Ting and or FreedomPop. We have contacted Ting to get customer handling clarified in this matter. At this time your device account is migrated to Ting and solely owned and serviced by Ting.​ We wish that we were able to further assist your service needs but we no longer have the ability to manage your account per our agreements with Ting.​ Please contact Ting for further support and refund inquiries.

"All credits, plans, or balances remain with FreedomPop and we would not have access to any of that information."

I think the disconnect is the assumption that we were given FreedomPop accounts, top-up balances or accounts payable balance sheets when we purchased the subscriber list. If you recall, we were given such a list when RingPlus went under, and did our best to honor the top-up credits while plugged into the Ting model. This wasn't the case with FreedomPop. All we received were a list of serial numbers and a list of phone numbers to migrate. Technically speaking, the migration went pretty well with a few small hiccups.

If I can proverbially open the kimono here, I'm as angry as you are about the missing top-ups, specifically those that were taken after the migration details were already finalized. If we had a transaction to refund or literally any record of the top-ups other than the word of the customers who are affected (remember, FP did not give us balance sheets) and their screenshots, we would do our best to make you whole. We don't, so we can't.

I also do not like Ting for other reasons. Ting is just not the right fit for me.

I am sure others like and use Ting.

I do thank Ting for saving my phone number from r+