Ting '2nd line' promo, and Verizon-network SIMs

Ting is running a promo thru May 17: Add a 2nd line to an account, and it will be exempt from the $6/mo line fee for as long as the line remains active.

I know Ting is a tough fit for many here: although their incredible customer service may make it worth it for some. If you already have an existing line at Ting, this promo makes it easy and attractive to consider that additional line.

On a different Ting subject, I read that Ting SIM Kits are now available at Best Buy with both T-Mobile- and Verizon-network SIMs. I believe these are the promotional packages, too, that come with a $30 credit for new accounts. The credit is not stackable with referral credits or other promotional credits, and a reminder that Ting monitors these pretty closely for possible abuse of the offer.

Never liked them

Ting is our “go to” provider for family members that insist on being able to speak with customer service when issues arise. Well worth the “extra” monthly charge for me not having to provide tech support for the in-laws!!!

With plans like the $15 tmobile connect plan I don't think a provider like Ting is relevant any more.

$15 on Ting gets you 100 mins/100 texts and 100mb.

Even consumer cellular is cheaper for all but the lowest users.

There must be a lot of inertia or just not knowing what is out there. The tmobile plan is new though.

Didn't Ting start offering an unlimited talk and text plan?

This unlimited plan?

Kent was merely posting a Ting promo.

We already know who loves Ting and who doesn't because we've seen the Pavlovian responses every other place that the word "Ting" is written.

It's time to lay down your swords. Let Ting do Ting.

Everybody exhale...

For the in-laws Customer Service trumps price. I however, love the hunt for value! But to each his own. Since Ting is part of Tucows (TCX) on the Nasdaq, I’m sure my in-laws affinity towards Ting also has something to do with the fact that as shareholders they’ve been rewarded very handsomely! And they love the Customer Service.

No one should expect peace when Ting is brought up! How can one stand by and see such injustice in the world.

Facetiousness noted. :slight_smile:

Yeah, we're basically Kony 2012 over here because we offered to keep some phone numbers active when a provider with a business model that didn't make enough money went belly-up. For that we will be forever soured in some circles, and we just have to live with that. /s

That said, man I miss the roller coaster that was the R+ business model.

Also, ICYMI we're giving away a Pixel 3a XL on Twitter, Facebook and IG. I know some of you are too cool for that, but you can't say I didn't warn you.