Throwing money away

Based on my low end wild a** guess, I could buy at least 746,666,666.667 Tello minutes every day with the money our elected officials are throwing down the drain every day our government remains shut down.

Regardless of your fiscal point of view the dollar costs of a government shut down are staggering.

I did some rough back of the envelope estimates using very low data points.
2,790,000 civilian us government workers( Wikipedia 2011 figures) making an average of $20 per hour.
( my own Wild a** guess)
Say half of those workers are told not to report for work
Gives you about ,

$22,400,000 of our tax dollars down the drain for every 8 hour day not worked

I find it amusing how the deficit and national debt are no longer a problem.

To the point they can be increased more.

Government Waste: This concept has been around way too long, and the government landfill is still gigantic. It even is added to when the government shuts down.

Massages for rabbits[1]
Meditation for hot flashes[1]
Tax breaks for NFL teams[5]
Some purported examples of government waste are merely urban legends, such as the "million dollar" Space Pen purchased by NASA for $6 each.

X inefficiency might also be applied to governments.

$22,400,000 of our hard earned money at least, went down the drain since my 1st post early Saturday 1/28/2018.

I am p******d off way beyond ' amusing' or 'government waste'.
Those are terms politicians use to soothe the masses.

My supermarket has a special on hamburger for $2.50/ pound
that is 8,960,000 pounds of hamburger today, enough to make a rich meal with 1/4 lb of meat for
35,840,000 U.S citizens every effing 8 hour shift.

To put it in perspective for nth circle forum members,
Suppose you had earned 22,400,000 'golds' and cellnuvo held a ceremony burning each and every one of them while you watched......

Much ado about nothing

I beg to differ, The shutdown affects you and I directly in our pocketbooks

Gas prices went up in my city $0.29 cents per gallon today!

Fittingly the Statue of Liberty is closed until future notice.


Wow, within hours from a government shutdown? Amazing!

Why would gas prices go up?

Government shut down means significant % of economy is not driving to work or requiring gas to conduct official business which means less demand for gas.


God point! and from a consumers point of view your statement makes a huge amount of sense.

You're likely correct here, but ...

I don't see evidence suggesting, much less proof of, causation.

Yikes, government shutdown meant they turned off the heat in the US!!! It's cold today!!! ;p

Proof that climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the Trump administration.

what to do when you get furloughed.

Less demand for gas makes the price go down. There is no cause and effect between the shutdown and gas prices.

And most government employees don't work on weekends.

NYS to the rescue.

Indeed, NYC will always ask if that's your best shot? NYC does't shut down, nor will it let it's prime welcomer shut down.

Did you mean to say NYS instead of NYC?

Well, I was equating the two, but, technically, it is NYS that is keeping it open, though if that had not happened, maybe Bloomberg or other NYC citizens would have found a way to keep it open.