Throttled data question

How do you send and receive picture messages and group messages while on throttled data?
Once I exceed my data allotment and am throttled, I can't send or receive picture messages and group messages are delayed by several hours. Pictures will not upload to google drive at all. I can upload a picture from my phone via email and can still surf the internet although veerrryyy slowly.
Thanks in advance

I don't think you will find an acceptable answer. Except to find wifi.

However as far as browsers are concerned. I can recommend Brave browser works fast on slow speeds. So did puffin but puffin changed their free version for the worse. Too many ads and now wants location data. So I deleted puffin.

Brave is free and no ads or location permission.

als, is this on Twigby?
In general theory, mms should work, even if slowly, on throttled data. ('Picture mail' worked on my ancient 2G phone in the old days, so speed itself isn't the issue.)

I was surprised to learn that mms won't work on Tello at all on throttled data-- but it's because of their carrier agreement, not because it's technically impossible. If you're seeing this on Twigby, there's a good chance it's the same issue. I don't know how widespread the mms/2G fallback issue is.

Have you tried sending mms via Google Voice? There was a thread suggesting this workaround some time ago. Again in theory, it should work even though slow for pictures. (Any carrier prohibition against mms on 2G backup may not be an issue since it's not 'real' mms when it leaves, or arrives at, your phone.)

Puffin is still my 2G browser of choice, but I haven't tried Brave. (Actually, Puffin is my browser of choice at any speed.)

@als, the ability to do MMS when throttled seems to depend upon the provider. Some seem to throttle to as slow as 64 kbps, but others (according to the Prepaid Compare website Prepaid Cellphone Operator Profiles) only slow data down to 128 kbps, which might still work for MMS. My provider is one of the slower ones so I am also out of luck, MMS-wise, when I run out of my high speed data; if that is something very important to you, you might want to check into a different provider, if they can manage MMS on higher throttled speeds.

Thanks,Yep I am on Twigby. I've been using hangouts which will not send any image after I am throttled. Thanks for you ideas. I am testing them.

  1. I switched to google voice which will successfully allow me to send one and only one image at a time. I can receive multiple images.( very very slowly)
  2. I tried the phone message app which uses my Twigby number and was able to successfully send multiple pictures. Slow but successful.(curious and curiouser)
    Why is this important? Our HVAC and internet are manged remotely from locations several hours away. If I have to trouble shoot internet, HVAC or power problems ASAP in time to get a webinar, meeting, training or live tv show on the air, I need reliable picture and group messaging. This is my second trial of a unlimited slow service after my paid allotment is up. I want to try every possible way before I go spending more money on a higher data allotment.

Sounds like an excellent strategy. Hope it all works out for you -- good luck!

Maybe try textnow app.